FirmTech Partners with Rise Medical to Help Men Achieve a More Fulfilling Sex Life

Rise Medical to offer FirmTech’s product line as part of their holistic, customized treatment protocol

BOZEMAN, Mont., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FirmTech, the innovative sexual wellness company, today announced that it is partnering with Rise Medical to sell its product line on the Rise platform and at Rise Medical’s two corporate locations and future franchise locations. Along with shockwave therapy, Rise patients will now have access to FirmTech’s line of award-winning products when looking for ways to improve sexual wellness and combat erectile dysfunction (ED).

“There is a massive market for sexual wellness treatments and solutions and we are at the forefront of this industry,” said Dr. Elliot Justin, CEO and founder of FirmTech. “We are excited to partner with Rise Medical to provide their patients and practitioners with the most innovative data-based products to help them improve their sexual health, address ED-related issues, and enjoy more pleasurable sexual experiences.”

Rise Medical learned about FirmTech after doing research for a patient who was having issues with ED. They recommended the patient use FirmTech’s TechRing and were extremely impressed with the results. From there, Rise Medical reached out to Dr. Justin to learn more about what FirmTech has to offer. Now they are ready to share that information with patients and colleagues interested in innovative approaches to sexual health issues.

“Rise Medical has an exciting opportunity to provide awareness and education at a national level about the potential health benefits of FirmTech’s products. So many patients and practitioners aren’t aware of the great innovations available to support sexual wellness, and we are proud to partner with FirmTech to spread the word,” said Dan Markel, Founder and CEO, Rise Medical. “We look forward to working with patients to review data collected by the TechRing and using it to design effective, individualized treatments for improving sexual wellness.”

FirmTech is on a mission to develop a full catalog of products that will encourage fun, enjoyable sex while empowering men and women to embrace better sexual health. The company currently sells three innovative sexual wellness products – FirmTech’s TechRing, FirmTech’s MaxPerformance Ring (MaxPR), and FirmTech’s Performance Ring. For more information about FirmTech and its products, visit

Rise Medical
Rise Medical has partnered with the country’s top physicians specializing in urology, gynecology, and other specialized medicine to design comprehensive, medically-based approaches to improving sexual health. They provide each patient with a customized treatment protocol designed to achieve the best results that science can provide. A fulfilling sex life is a pillar of good mental and physical health, and Rise Medical takes a comprehensive approach to helping patients improve and maintain their sexual health. In addition to medical treatments, the company offers a holistic approach that targets the physical, hormonal, and emotional wellness of patients and their partners. Rise is expanding nationally in 2024 with their franchising partner, United Franchising Group.

FirmTech, Inc. 
FirmTech, Inc.’s mission is better sexual health for everyone through truly fresh and desired innovations in the functions and forms of underwearables for men and women, including cock rings, vibrators, and sensors. Founded by Dr. Elliot Justin, Dr. James Hotaling, and Ann Justin, FirmTech is dedicated to evaluating sexual health issues while providing products that enhance performance and pleasure. Sexual fitness is key to sexual health, overall wellness, and happiness.

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