From a Sweetener to a Healing Agent: The Potential Power of Mānuka Honey

Mānuka Honey’s Multi-Faceted Benefits Are Bringing the Peerless Superfood into the Spotlight

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mānuka honey is a rising star in the health food world. The natural substance can sweeten food and, when properly processed, can even help maintain health. BeeNZ is a New Zealand honey brand dedicated to providing the highest quality Mānuka honey, enabling its customers to experience all of its benefits.

“Mānuka honey is a rare natural substance that we harvest from the hives of bees here in New Zealand,” says company co-founder Julie Hayes. “A key part of the honey-making process is letting our little workers forage for the nectar from the rare flowers of the Mānuka plant for the sweet few weeks that they are in bloom each year. We only take what we’re given, ensuring that we maintain a respectful and sustainable process over time.”

Hayes goes on to explain that, once the honey is harvested, the work for her team has only started. “Once we’ve harvested the honey, we clean it in our facility, taking extreme care every step of the way. We use rPET plastic to package the honey, too, ensuring that each jar is eco-friendly and filled with clean, pure, authentic Mānuka honey.”

BeeNZ’s honey is Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) certified. This elite label not only ensures the honey is pure. It also grades it based on its antibacterial strength. A UMF 5+, for instance, is a healthy option for sweetening tea. And a UMF 20+ has much stronger natural medicinal properties.

While those antibacterial properties are still being studied, there is already clear evidence to back them up. For example, in 2020, researchers from the University of Manchester reviewed over 250 articles dating back to 1937 and made a solid case for honey’s (especially Mānuka honey’s) exceptional and venerable use as a healing agent—including antimicrobial and tissue-regenerative properties. It offers a natural alternative to certain antibiotics, and research has even shown that it may be an effective coadjuvant agent used in tandem with those same antibiotic prescriptions.

BeeNZ’s honey (which is available in the United States) is a multi-faceted tool for daily life. From sweetening tea to guarding against a cold or the flu to general preventative health, the sweet golden substance from New Zealand is an essential tool for any health-conscious individual looking for ways to improve their quality of life.

About BeeNZ
BeeNZ was founded in 2016 by David and Julie Hayes and remains a family-owned and operated company — much like a hive. The honey brand is headquartered in Katikati, New Zealand, where they harvest their country’s unique Mānuka and Kanuka honey. The company is UMF™ (unique Mānuka Factor) certified as well as B Corp-certified. It also maintains several core standards, including community, sustainability, ethics, and trust. BeeNZ is respectful of the earth, the bees, its staff, and its customers. It follows nature’s lead, creating each of its products with care, by one family for another. Exporting around the globe since 2016, BeeNZ Mānuka Honey is now proudly available in the USA. Learn more at

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