Genetica and Endocanna Health Announce Partnership: Unlocking Precision Cannabinoid Medicine with AI and Genomics

Empowering Consumers with Unmatched Precision and Personalization in Cannabinoid Product Selection

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Genetica, an innovative AI company leading the way in the cannabis and CBD retail operations landscape, is excited to announce its partnership with Endocanna Health, a biotechnology research company at the forefront of cannabinoid personalization. This strategic collaboration marks a significant leap forward in enhancing customer experiences, driving product precision, and elevating retail data insights in the cannabis industry.

This partnership brings together Genetica’s Flora AI platform, which leverages over 650 million data points for highly accurate product recommendations, and Endocanna Health’s algorithm and Endo·Decoded genetic super chip. Together, these industry leaders will offer consumers a unique and personalized experience.

Ben York, Genetica’s CEO, said, “The integration of Endocanna’s genetic data with our Flora AI will allow us to offer consumers incredible accuracy in cannabis product recommendations. We are creating a responsive ecosystem for the cannabis consumer that will guide them on their personal wellness journey with complete confidence and precision.”

The collaboration allows consumers to connect their Endocanna test results and profiles to their Genetica accounts for more personalized product recommendations, resulting in unprecedented precision in the cannabis retail industry. Endocanna Health’s Endo·dna test maps the endocannabinoid system and matches it with a specific cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile, bringing precision cannabinoid medicine to every customer’s fingertips.

Len May, Founder & CEO of Endocanna Health, said, “Our partnership with Genetica aligns with our commitment to provide every individual with a personalized cannabinoid experience. We’re thrilled to combine our revolutionary approach to genomics and cannabis therapeutics with Genetica’s industry-leading AI technology to empower customers with a seamless, highly personalized retail experience.”

By integrating Endocanna Health’s genomics science with Genetica’s AI platform, this partnership will transform how consumers navigate the increasingly complex landscape of cannabinoid products. Customers can expect enhanced, data-driven product recommendations, helping them to identify the ideal cannabinoid ratios, intake methods, dosages, and terpene profiles for their specific needs.

About Genetica:

Established in 2020, Genetica is at the forefront of modernizing the cannabis and CBD industries with Flora AI, its pioneering platform. Flora AI analyzes over 650 million data points to provide precise product recommendations, ensuring customers find the perfect product in line with their needs, biochemistry, and current in-store inventory. This state-of-the-art tool not only enriches the customer experience but also empowers store employees, paving the way for effective upselling and increased loyalty. With a profound understanding of the historical and cultural significance of cannabis, Genetica is committed to helping retailers navigate and thrive in this rapidly evolving market. Experience the transformative power of Flora AI and unlock your cannabis and CBD retail business’s full potential. For more information, please visit

About Endocanna Health:

Endocanna Health is the industry leader in endocannabinoid system genomic testing and the manufacturer of genetically aligned formulations that create optimal cannabis experiences. Endocanna is a biotechnology research company that utilizes a patented process for its cannabinoid DNA variant report and product matching algorithm, EndoAligned™. EndoDNA™ provides two ways to submit DNA for analysis, either collected through a simple saliva swab or a direct upload of genetic data files from popular DNA testing services like Ancestry, 23andMe, Family TreeDNA, or MyHeritage DNA. Endocanna’s HIPAA compliant and secure health and wellness portal,, provides customers with a personalized experience to access their EndoDecoded report and EndoAligned formulation suggestions for their specific genotype.

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