Guru Food Indian Sauces Owner Suggests Including “Secret Ingredient” During Home Prep

Indian Sauce Entrepreneur Harry “Guru” Khanna Suggests Adding Coriander Stems to Enhance Flavor While Preparing His Sauces at Home

 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Indian food is a classic dish — but unless a person is raised in an environment where Indian cooking is common, it can be difficult to reproduce authentic Indian dishes on one’s own right in the kitchen. One of the most difficult things to pull together is the sauce. Complex, sophisticated, and at times, touchy, sauces are a delectably challenging part of Indian food prep. This is what inspired the culinary mastermind Harry “Guru” Khanna to create his line of elegant, health-conscious Indian sauces.

“I used to run my own restaurant and pub in Toronto, and people would come from miles around to eat my curry dishes,” Khanna says, “They would call me ‘The Guru of Indian curries,'” but I knew it wasn’t the dish as much as the sauce that they were talking about.”

Khanna has spent years perfecting his sauce recipes. He’s traveled to India, sourced innovative cryogenically ground spices, and spent years investing in trials and recipes. The result is a line of exquisite Indian sauces that are additive-free, low-fat, and top-shelf allergen-friendly. They make it possible to prepare elite Indian culinary dishes at home in a matter of minutes.

Even with his sauces shortening the prep time and improving the flavor profile, though, Khanna knows there are certain things you simply can’t do unless you’re making a hot meal in real-time. “My sauces taste incredible all on their own,” he explains, “but there are still things you can do to make the experience even better. One of my favorite ‘secret tricks’ is to add coriander stems into the sauce while you’re heating it up.”

Khanna goes on to explain that this simple trick releases flavorful juice into the sauce. When this happens during the cooking process, it can do wonders in enhancing the overall taste of the dish. This gives it an added degree of freshness and Indian culinary authenticity.

Guru Foods Indian Sauces is a brand built on knowledge and decades of experience. Khanna himself is a fount of sauce-making wisdom. From his unique recipes and quality ingredients to the little tips and tricks, like adding coriander stems and using cryogenic spices, his entire life is devoted to helping individuals access elegant, affordable, simple, and authentic Indian foods right from their dining room tables.

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