Having Trouble Breathing in Your Face Mask? Simiron Inc.’s Michigan-Made Mask-Aide Can Help!

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the end of the pandemic finally in sight, it’s time to get back to work and back to school. But doing so safely and comfortably is a large concern for many. Over the past year, wearing masks has become an essential part of the health and safety plans of business and schools alike – but it’s not always the most comfortable one. That’s why Simiron Inc. has created an innovative mask insert called Mask-Aide to help make face masks more comfortable and efficient. This patent-pending design is larger, foldable, and creates the perfect air pocket within the mask to help wearers breathe easier and reduce muffling, making speech clearer and easier to understand.

According to Simon Palushaj, President of Simiron Inc., “Mask-Aide was born out of necessity for our employees. We were hearing daily complaints about the use of masks at our plant and from our office staff. We tried virtually every mask design available and our employees were not satisfied with the performance. We were equally astonished that we could not find any designs that were made in the USA. Being a Michigan manufacturer, that was a very important factor to us.”

Mask-Aide’s unique foldable feature and magnetic fastener, which holds the insert in place, are the biggest innovations for this product. One of the biggest complaints Simiron Inc. heard about other mask brackets or inserts is that they continuously slide down the face, requiring constant adjusting. The magnetic fastener is the simple solution to this problem. The insert is also designed to be adjustable to fit the user’s unique face pattern and size. The foldability makes it perfect for storage in your pocket or purse.

Another key benefit to the design is that the insert keeps lipstick and make-up off the mask, which Simiron Inc.’s female employees name as one of the best features of the new mask insert. The smooth, durable material keeps sweat to a minimum compared to the other soft silicone products on the market that trap moisture. Palushaj adds, “this product enhances breathing so significantly that several of our employees also use it during their gym workouts. Simply stated, our employees now can’t leave their houses without it and our productivity is back to pre-covid levels.”

Mask-Aide can be used with many mask styles, including cloth masks and common medical masks. Mask-Aide is ideal for essential and frontline workers as well as workers in retail, education, fitness, manufacturing, and much more. Ideal for users with sensitive skin, Mask-Aide is free of common allergens including latex.

For more information on Mask-Aide, including access to an instructional video, please visit www.mask-aide.com. Want to talk to a member of the Simiron Inc. team about your mask insert options? Reach out today.

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