Hawk Fitness’ New Grip-and-Arm Training Product Gains High Praise from Coaches, Fitness Experts

CLARKSBURG, Md., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hawk Fitness’ latest product, Gripedo, is taking the sports and fitness world by storm. It is designed to train athletes’ grip and arm muscles — improving their grip and arm strength and conditioning as well as their overall athletic performance. Gripedo is a patent-pending training device used by Olympians, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC and CrossFit games athletes, coaches, military bases, firefighters, emergency response personnel and rehabilitation offices. It was invented by a biomedical engineer with a master’s degree in biomechanics; who is a former National Silver Medalist, with over 30 years of training and coaching experience.

Gripedo has several patented technologies that allow different training modalities, including granular training (sand or similar material), which is a great rehabilitation, active recovery and injury prevention tool. It can also be attached to an Olympic-sized barbell for various exercises.

The training product strengthens fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, shoulder and the entire arm. Its low-impact environment (sand training) is joint friendly, assisting in rehabilitation exercises and helping athletes return to their sport faster. Among other benefits, it can also strengthen the wrist in all planes, increase strength and muscular endurance and increase athletic performance.

“Many athletes from different backgrounds such as climbing, hockey, lacrosse, baseball and martial arts have been using the extremely versatile training tool Gripedo to improve overall arm strength and endurance training,” stated a representative from Hawk Fitness. “The Gripedo sand modality is a very low-impact training method for the joints and is a good tool to minimize injury by reducing overall wear and tear on joints. The Gripedo is used by hundreds of athletic training and physical therapy centers around the world.”

Garagegymreviews.com labeled the product to be “the Swiss Army knife of fitness tools.” This can be easily seen in the numerous training options that allow athletes to train weak links in hand, wrist, forearm and shoulder. It has been endorsed and used by some of the biggest names in fitness such as functional training expert Michael Boyle and celebrity coach Gunnar Peterson.

“Gripedo is an incredibly versatile device that can be used for not only the development of grip strength but also the entire arm. The number of possible applications is unmatched,” said Coach Mike Barwis, Star of the American Muscle Discovery Channel Show.

Gripedo won the Most Innovative Product of the Year award that was given by Global Health and Pharma Magazine during the 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards. Gripedo was also featured in the Climbing Magazine, Gear Junkie and The Outdoor Journal.

More information can be found at https://www.gripedo.com.

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Hawk Fitness is the developer of Gripedo, which is a versatile grip-and-arm training device used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and more. 

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