Health May Be Important, But According to Soul Strips, It Isn’t a Big Deal Anymore

Soul Strips Is Making Preventative Health as Easy as One, Two, Three

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 31, 2023 Vitamins are a positive health tool that has become increasingly popular in recent years as the world has become hyper-aware of the importance of health and nutrition. Scientific research is constantly revealing how the human anatomy benefits from and is harmed by various behaviors — including what people put into their bodies. Soul Strips is one vitamin brand that is providing nutritional supplements to help maintain health. However, one key difference in their marketing activity is that they aren’t encouraging customers to stress out about their health — quite the opposite.

“People shouldn’t stress about their health,” explains Soul Strips co-founder Avinash Madhavan, “Our vision is to create nutritional support that is so simple and easy to use that it sends the message that you can care for your health without making a huge deal out of it.”

The owner elaborates on this concept by adding, “The health scene is buzzing, but too often the messages are negative and dark, ‘do this, or you could hurt your health,’ that kind of stuff. Our goal is to create oral strip vitamins that help people achieve their wellness goals with great results and maximum ease. That way, they aren’t just improving their health. They’re improving their quality of life.”

Avinash’s co-founder, Sharath Madhavan, speaks to the way the Soul Strips team helps its customers achieve this freeing sense of wellness, “We take care of the grunt work,” he explains, “We’ve developed nano-technology and cutting-edge formulations that allow nutrients to absorb through the oral cavity, directly into the bloodstream in under a minute. These are delivered on edible film strips, which are individually packaged and hyperconvenient in any situation for adults, kids, and even pets. All you need to do is keep your vitamins in a purse or pocket, pop them in your mouth at the right time of day, and then wait sixty seconds. It’s as easy as one, two, three!”

From immunity to energy, sleep to gut health, Soul Strips has a wide offering of oral strip vitamins. The brand even has an entire range of kids’ vitamins. The combination of efficiency and effect turns each innovative Soul Strips product into a revolutionary wellness tool that, in effect, turns health maintenance into a simple, easy daily routine that, frankly, isn’t a big deal anymore.

About Soul Strips
Soul Strips operates out of Mumbai, India and was launched in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Sharath Madhavan and Avinash Madhavan. The co-partners created the brand out of a vision to use cutting-edge nanotechnology to create hyper-convenient, uniquely bioavailable supplements for men, women, and children. Soul Strips products are sugar-free, preservative-free, and plant-based. They are a holistic health solution designed around preserving health and enhancing quality of life. Learn more at

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