Hemp Over Tobacco: Greene’s Reserve Creates Massive Growth

OCALA, Fla., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Greene’s Reserve, Inc., a hemp company that manufactures full spectrum snuff as a healthy alternative to smokeless tobacco, is pleased to announce the details of rapid expansion to markets across the country. After working closely with regulators and experts in the space, Greene’s Reserve recently received its permit to sell products from the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS).

Greene’s Reserve Full Spectrum Hemp Snuff was designed for new and current users of smokeless products, specifically to keep dipping without incurring the negative side effects and health detriments associated with tobacco. Colloquially known as ‘dip’ or ‘chew,’ snuff is consumed by placing a pinch between the lip and gums to absorb ingredients. Greene’s Reserve has created a proprietary formula that replaces the tobacco with American-grown hemp.

Greene’s Reserve’s Full Spectrum Hemp Snuff has zero nicotine or carcinogens. It does, however, contain the soothing and natural compounds found in hemp.

“Meticulously infused with delicious flavor and moisture, our team has perfected our products to match a similar taste and mouthfeel of the traditional smokeless tobacco products,” stated Jeff Greene, founder of Greene’s Reserve. “Moreover, users may benefit from all the natural compounds of the hemp plant while kicking tobacco to the curb.”

Greene’s Reserve is currently available in retail stores throughout 10 states, with more to come, and will be available on Amazon starting in mid-May. In full-scaling mode, Greene’s Reserve has already signed agreements with two national distributors, with three others pending. The launch of a store locator on the Greene’s Reserve website is forthcoming.

On its way to nationwide presence, Greene’s Reserve has hired 19 employees this month alone, with hopes of hiring up to 50 employees within the next few months.

With a manufacturing facility located in Ocala, Florida, the team has also made a huge effort to embrace and form bonds with the local community. With an emphasis on transparency and legitimacy, the company has worked with Ocala Police in approving a security plan, and maintains close positive ties with local law enforcement. In addition to becoming a new career hub for the area, Greene’s Reserve is now a proud Premium Member of the Ocala Chamber of Commerce.

Formed by a team of hemp and CBD experts, legal analysts, and consumers, Greene’s Reserve aims to provide its customers with compliant, quality items that are truly unique in the hemp and CBD space. Greene’s Reserve was founded by Jeff Greene, a seasoned hemp and CBD expert native to South Florida. Although his vision began in the midst of a pandemic, Greene has pushed forward to grow at breakneck speed. Having previously worked alongside industry giants such as GenCanna Global, Green Roads CBD and the Florida Hemp Council, Greene is poised to see the maximum potential of such a novel and revolutionary product.

In order to provide the most consistent and quality products, Greene’s Reserve has created a culture of compliance with a GMP certified manufacturing facility, a world-class QR code and UPC system, proprietary manufacturing process, strict third-party testing procedures, and more. For more information, visit www.greenesreserve.com.

About Greene’s Reserve
Greene’s Reserve, Inc. is a hemp company that manufactures full spectrum snuff as a healthy alternative to smokeless tobacco. For decades, smokeless tobacco users have searched for an alternative to the nicotine and carcinogen-laced tobacco plant. Many attempts have been made, but none can match the texture, flavor, and overall mouthfeel of the products created by Greene’s Reserve. Greene’s Reserve’s Full Spectrum Hemp Snuff, used as a substitute for tobacco, has zero nicotine or carcinogens. It does, however, contain the soothing and natural compounds found in hemp. Greene’s Reserve’s mission is to provide an enjoyable avenue to leave the unhealthy, cancer-promoting tobacco plant in the past. It’s time for a change, and tobacco users can now switch to a healthful and enjoyable alternative- without having to stop dipping. For more information, visit www.greenesreserve.com.

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