Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals AshwaPure® Brand Ashwagandha Increases Capacity of Production Due to Success of its Initial Launch!

NORCROSS, Ga., Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AshwaPure® 5% Ashwagandha is a branded, full spectrum extract, with the highest concentration of all major root-only extracts available on the market today! AshwaPure® 5% total Withanolides by HPLC is the “Gold Standard” in the market. AshwaPure® may help reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels. AshwaPure® acts as an adaptogen, it helps us to better handle stress by reducing anxiety, lowering blood sugar levels, strength, and stamina. AshwaPure® may also enhance memory and cognitive function. Thanks to its ability to support both the mind and the body, ashwagandha is one of Ayruveda’s most prized rejuvenating herbs.

AshwaPure® is an extract developed in-house by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and had custom produced for our company. First and foremost, Hi-Tech AshwaPure® has a very high level of withanolides on the market at 5% by HPLC. Hi-Tech AshwaPure® is a 15x concentrated extract, bringing the most potent levels of calming bioactive constituents in the market. Many products have to be purchased by manufacturers and then shipped through customs, which delays production. Hi-Tech stocks over 10,000KG in our Georgia warehouse and also stocks several tons at Ingredients Online. 

This meteoric rise in popularity isn’t merely a result of global trends gravitating toward holistic health; it is significantly attributed to the effectiveness of this amazing herb! Unlike some other herbs that are sold, ashwagandha is not seasonable, as we all experience it in today’s hectic world. Hi-Tech expects double-digit growth in the market for AshwaPure® Ashwagandha extract due to our technological advances that enable AshwaPure® to be sold at significantly lower prices than other branded ashwaganda extracts. Hi-Tech expects this growth to remain constant for the next five years as many American’s still do not realize the value of Ashwagandha.

But what positions AshwaPure® at the forefront of ashwagandha’s global surge? The answer lies in Hi-Tech’s dedicated approach to research and marketing. At the forerunner of scientific inquiry, AshwaPure® distinguishes itself with a fervent commitment to unravel the true potential of ashwagandha. This holistic approach to both research and marketing has essentially allowed AshwaPure® to carve out a unique category, with Hi-Tech amongst the leaders in Ashwagandha production, and   their efforts have not only propagated the benefits of Ashwagandha but have created an unmistakable buzz around it.

The rise of Ashwagandha’s popularity has led many companies to venture into producing inferior ashwagandha extracts. These extracts can deviate significantly from time-tested traditional formulations. The most egregious are companies selling Ashwagandha by a prehistoric test method called gravimetric instead of using HPLC methodology. Other suppliers attempt to boost sales by highlighting supposed ‘advantages.’ These proclaimed benefits are sometimes marketing embellishments that dilute the genuine essence of what the industry aims to provide to its consumers. Below are some common claims which need careful examination on whether they are indeed valid:

  • Low dosage: Many companies, under the guise of innovation, are introducing low-dosage extracts with elevated withanolide content. While withanolides are indeed one of the crucial bioactive components found in the root, it is vital to recognize that they are just one component of a whole spectrum of bioactives in Ashwagandha. Inflating the percentage of withanolides to artificially high levels in the extract can fundamentally disrupt the natural ratio of beneficial compounds present in the herb. 
  • Adulteration with leaves: Because leaves are cheaper and more easily available than the roots, many manufacturers add leaves to their Ashwagandha extracts. It is important to recognize that leaf withanolides differ from root withanolides. This can lead to an end-product inconsistent with the traditionally consumed Ashwagandha root. Perhaps for some of these many concerns, the Government of India recently released anadvisory advocating for the utilization of ashwagandha roots alone and advising manufacturers to refrain from using ashwagandha leaves.

Such inferior products and misleading claims may often serve to distract from the fundamental drivers of value to end consumers, which is a product with a long history that is known to be safe, efficacious, clinically tested and trusted. AshwaPure® has dedicated over a decade to developing its extract. It is to be expected that a growing category like Ashwagandha will bring in new entrants that seek to capitalize on the increasing demand for consumers. Brand managers and product managers would be well-advised to be cautious with a healthy skepticism when evaluating the claims of many Indian ingredient suppliers. AshwaPure® is at the cutting-edge of Ashwagandha research and Hi-Tech is a large enough ingredient supplier that it will keep sufficient amounts of inventory to meet consumer demands for this amazing herb.

Media Contact:
Brandon Schopp

SOURCE Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.