Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Expands Technology and Capacity in Dietary Supplement and OTC Drug Manufacturing

NORCROSS, Ga., Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, an industry-leading product development and commercialization partner in Nutraceuticals and OTC Drug Manufacturing, Hi-Tech has 4 ultra-modern facilities —two in Georgia and two in Pennsylvania. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals acquired the Pennsylvania-based powder processing facility from Nittany Pharmaceuticals. The facility has long been recognized as an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of specialty granulated bulk ingredients since 1979. With the acquisition, Hi-Tech has been able to provide application-specific product development, pilot and commercial manufacturing solutions using fluid bed technology and roller compacting for granulation, agglomeration, microencapsulation, drying & blending of liquid and powder ingredients. The acquisition made Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals one of the world’s only dietary supplement and OTC Drug product commercialization companies with this capability and extended its range of services from raw material processing, formulation, and supplement and drug manufacturing to packaging and fulfillment services.

According to Steve Smith, Senior Vice-President of Hi-Tech, integrating this technology and manufacturing capability into the overall Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has been a great benefit to the company’s customers. “Powder and particle engineering are important parts of creating the highest quality, most effective products and have long been a part of our manufacturing offerings. Most companies in our industry outsource this highly specialized capability,” he said. “Bringing this capability in-house gave us the ability to broaden our product offerings, and helps our customers get to market faster. This was an important step for us, and we feel like it sets us apart from other companies in our industry,” he added.

Hi-Tech’s facilities have been at the forefront of powder and particle engineering for decades as a result of its expertise in fluidized bed processing and roller compacting for ingredients, flavors and formulated products. A number of processes are required to prepare powder formulations for optimal processing in tableting and capsule production. These processes can affect physical properties like flowability, compression and compaction, dissolution and uniformity to product performance issues like dosing accuracy, release time, mouth feel, taste masking and appearance.

Within the fluidized bed and roller compacting process, granulation creates denser, more uniform particles from lighter, less uniform powders resulting in less dust and less caking with improved flow, compaction and compression properties for efficient tablet and capsule manufacturing. Agglomeration creates larger, porous powders from loose particles, improving flow, performance and appearance of food, beverage and dietary supplement powders. Microencapsulation creates a barrier coating on particles resulting in powders with modified physical, sensory, stability, release and performance characteristics designed to solve a specific problem challenge. Fluid bed drying enables uniform powders with specified moisture and water activity levels every time.

According to Stacey Alexander, Chief Scientific Officer for Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, the acquisition has helped spur innovation. “The talent and equipment of our four facilities has a rich history of innovation, technology and manufacturing and we’re excited about the opportunity to be creative and do more for our customers. Across the supplement, OTC drug & beverage industries, innovation in product forms and delivery systems are a hot trend and a huge driver of value. Our expanded manufacturing capability will help us do that,” he said. “It will also let us work on projects that might have otherwise been impossible or cost prohibitive, which means we can take our customers places we couldn’t before,” he added.

The acquisition of the several powder filling machines from Enflex, Bartelt and Wrap Aid exemplifies Hi-Tech’s dedication to listening and responding to our customers. It builds on Hi-Tech’s already robust packaging footprint, which includes blister packaging, pouch/foil strip packs, cartoning and tray packaging, RTD drinks, Energy shots, and bottle filling. This new investment aims to increase client demand for commercial scale sachet packaging capabilities and cover a wide range of product types and packaging configurations. “We believe that our investment in the Enflex, Bartelt and Wrap Aid powder filling machines is a pivotal moment for Hi-Tech’s capabilities expansion plan. The sachet packaging capabilities was done as a result of customer demand and will enhance our packaging capabilities, allowing us to deliver a wider packaging offering for the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical products we manufacture,” said Brandon Schopp, Vice President for Private Labeling at Hi-Tech.

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