Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Releases Frooty Cereal Flavor Across Retail Platforms

NORCROSS, Ga., July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. industry-leading Hydrolyzed Whey Protein adds a truly unique flavor to its stable of 13 flavors in Frooty Cereal, giving taste-conscious consumers even more options for stand-alone protein shakes and smoothie recipes.

Precision Protein® has long been seen as one of the top two hydrolyzed whey products (WPH) on the market. But its “Best Protein Powder” awards by SupplementWarehouse.com and other outlets are also due to groundbreaking flavors like Neapolitan Ice Cream and Cinnamon Cereal – both of which were introduced in 2016 with the original launch of Precision Protein®. Other Precision Protein® flavors include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Honey Granola, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Milkshake and S’mores to name a few.

“I put just as much time and effort into our flavors as I do our nutritional formulas,” says Hi-Tech CEO Jared Wheat. “If a protein shake doesn’t taste great, I’m not going to drink it – and consumers feel the same way, which is why Precision Protein® has become a top protein in the past 7 years. Our industry leading flavors and quality set us apart from the hundreds of other proteins on the market. I require every Precision Protein® shake, whether it’s mixed in milk or water, to taste like an ice cream parlor milkshake or a delicious cereal flavor. Frooty Cereal is the best tasting cereal flavor I have ever tried.”

Hi-Tech flavor chemists have almost perfected three other flavors of Precision Protein® that will soon be available – Banana Split Ice Cream, Rocky Road Ice Cream. Protein prices on Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) and Hydrolysates (WPH) hit all-time highs last year; however, Hi-Tech was one of the only companies that held prices to virtually the same price absorbing the cost and foregoing huge profits. This got a lot of consumers to try Precision Protein® and many retailers to pick it up for the first time. Precision Protein® grew in sale 400% in the past 12 months and we expect the trend to continue. “Our goal has always been to provide people the highest quality supplements and flavors they want,” says Bruce Davis, Vice-President. “With 14 flavors and counting, we couldn’t be more excited. Since Frooty Cereal launched less than a month ago on our own site and to our influencers, the feedback couldn’t have been any better.”

About Hi-Tech: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is an enormously successful company that creates, manufactures and sells high-quality products. Hi-Tech has been able to increase its market share in the United States through the acquisition of sixteen acquisitions in recent years, which included the manufacturing bases of Synergy Nutritional Industries in 2005 and Nittany Pharmaceuticals in Pennsylvania in 2012. Hi-Tech also acquired many large brands such as: APS Nutrition, ALR, FormuTech Nutrition, Sports One, Innovative Laboratories, LG Sciences, iForce Nutrition, Prime Nutrition, Top Secret Nutrition, and EAS. Hi-Tech healthcare products based upon its proprietary Cyclosome® Technology. Hi-Tech’s recent strategy has been, and according to its leaders will continue to be, growth through Merger and Acquisition activity.

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Brandon Schopp


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