Historical Trends in Proficiency Testing Results within The Emerald Test™ Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) Program

Authors: Wes Burk, Emerald Scientific; Dr Kyle Felling, Rapid Analytics LLC; Adam Floyd, Cascade Lab Consulting; Savino Sguera, Digamma Consulting; Dr Jeff Keller, Rapid Analytics LLC

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Proficiency Testing (PT) plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining robust analytical testing laboratory programs. As a leader in providing PT offerings to analytical testing laboratories worldwide, Emerald Scientific has recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of historical PT data from The Emerald Test™ Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) Program . This blinded review encompasses the last 36 months of the program, aiming to uncover emerging trends in analyte quantification and identify areas for improvement in PT efforts.

The findings from this data analysis will be published in a peer-reviewed and open-access article in the MJBiz Cannabis Science Journal1. The article highlights significant and intriguing trends observed in the quantification of individual analytes and explores their impact on PT efforts in the United States. Furthermore, it discusses the implications of these trends for potential enhancements to future PT initiatives.

“Our goal was to provide an accurate understanding of the current state of analytical testing capabilities in the United States and identify areas where PT efforts can be strengthened,” said Wes Burk CEO of Emerald Scientific and one of the authors of the study. “By analyzing historical data from our proficiency testing program, we gained valuable insights that can contribute to the continuous improvement of analytical testing practices.”

The collaborative effort between Emerald Scientific, Rapid Analytics LLC, Cascade Lab Consulting, Digamma Consulting, and the leadership of Dr Jeff Keller has resulted in a thorough examination of proficiency testing results within The Emerald Test™ ILC/PT. These efforts are an example of how diverse entities within the cannabis space can work together to create evidence-based approaches that significantly advance scientific rigor for the field.

This research serves as a cornerstone for driving advancements in PT methodologies and establishing industry benchmarks. It reflects the commitment of Emerald Scientific and its partners to promote quality and safety testing practices across the cannabis industry.

For more information about The Emerald Test™ ILC/PT Program and access to previous publications, please visit the Historical Data Analysis page on The Emerald Test™ website.

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In addition to offering The Emerald Test™ ILC/PT Program twice per year, Emerald Scientific is a leading provider of proficiency testsPT studies, and supplies for analytical testing laboratories in the cannabis and hemp industries. With a commitment to promoting quality and safety, Emerald Scientific aims to enhance the scientific understanding and analytical capabilities of these industries.

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  1. MJBiz Cannabis Science Journal: https://mjbcannsci.com

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