How to Get Vehicles Ready for Winter to Ensure Quick Starting and Safe Driving

ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Getting ready for winter the right way can mean the difference between a quick start or a no-start, sliding into another vehicle or stopping on time to avoid an accident. Most “get ready for winter” checklists cover just the basics, like coolant changes and wiper blades. But there’s a lot more to making sure your car or truck can handle the really cold weather while keeping you safe.   

DIY auto repair blog just posted a winter checklist article, “Tips to Prepare Your Car For Winter” (, that covers the full gamut of what owners should do to get their vehicles ready for winter. It not only explains what items to check, but also tells DIYers how to perform those checks themselves to save money. In addition, the article explains why each service is important and what can happen if they don’t do it.

Here’s what the article covers:

  • Battery and charging system testing, including how to keep a battery fully charged if driving short trips, drive in stop and go traffic, or don’t use the vehicle every day.
  • The importance of checking drive belts and how to check them.
  • Why having good spark plugs is so important in winter — Hint: worn spark plugs are the #2 cause of no-starts in winter (dead battery is #1).
  • How switching to winter wiper blades keeps the windshield cleaner than summer blades.
  • Why replacing worn headlight bulbs can help drivers see better in winter.
  • Why tire tread depth is so important in winter and how winter tires can improve acceleration, cornering and stopping much better than all-season tires on an all-wheel drive vehicle.
  • How to test the coolant’s freeze protection and its corrosion protection level.
  • Why changing a cabin air filter is so important in winter.
  • What to lubricate on a vehicle and how to do it.
  • What to pack in a winter emergency kit.

The article also includes links to more in-depth posts for readers who really want to dive into topics like:

  • How to choose a roadside assistance plan.
  • How to remove haze from headlight lenses.
  • The proper tire inflation pressure for vehicles and how to buy new tires.
  • How to choose the right windshield washer fluid to prevent it from freezing in winter.

Rick Muscoplat is a former ASE Certified Master Technician and Automotive Journalist. He’s been writing automotive articles for a DIY audience for over 15 years. His auto blog, includes over 4,000 articles on over 100 auto topics. He can be reached at
or 651-644-3465.