Hoy Health to Launch Remote Patient Monitoring Program for Underserved Communities

MORRISTOWN, N.J., Feb 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chronic conditions affect more than half of the US adult population, with 6 in 10 adults having at least 1 chronic condition1. Chronic conditions are the leading causes of death and disability and the leading drivers of the Nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care costs2.

Hypertension, in particular, is a chronic condition that almost 1 in 2 adults suffer (45%)3. Hypertension control rates are significantly lower among Non-Hispanic Blacks (48.5%), Hispanics (47.4%) and Asians (43.5%) than non-Hispanic whites (55.7%)4. Primary determinants of disparities associated with poor hypertension are substandard insurance coverage and poor access to health care5.

These statistics highlight the need to develop programs to help underserved communities manage these conditions.

Hoy Health has developed an innovative bilingual Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program that provides real-time total solutions for Hypertense patient management. Using available technology, Hoy Health’s RPM program provides all the needed software, chronic condition testing kits and supplies, and the remote patient monitoring from the patient’s home to assure that the patient engagement and continuous compliance/adherence occurs at a low cost and without the need for the patient to visit a clinic.

This program is specifically tailored to respond to the grant provided by HRSA to FQHCs (HRSA – FY2021 Supplemental Funding for Hypertension) that awards $89.5MM for health centers to adopt remote monitoring solutions for their patients. This turn-key solution is designed not to disrupt clinical workflow and has been successfully implemented across the USA in health clinics and individual physician locations.  

“At Hoy Health, we are committed to developing new business models to assure that all communities, but especially underserved groups, have access to quality and affordable primary care, including chronic condition management,” said Mario Anglada, Hoy Health CEO. “Our company is working diligently to increase Health Equity, and want to partner with as many institutions as possible that share our mission to reduce this health gap.”

About Hoy Health
Hoy Health, LLC is a first-of-its-kind health-tech digital platform that provides a comprehensive and integrated bilingual healthcare support ecosystem to medically underserved patients, offering solutions related to medication access, medication adherence, telehealth and chronic condition management programs. Hoy Health was named by FierceHealthcare as one of the top “Fierce 15” health companies of 2019, and was a finalist in Established’s StartUp of the Year 2020 competition. Visit http://www.HoyHealth.com.

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Chief Strategy Officer


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