Immorta Bio Announces Personalized Progenitor Cell Platform for Organ Specific Regeneration

Unique Tissue Creating Cells Generated from Patient-Specific Immortalized Stem Cells as Part of Stem Cell Revivify™

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Immorta Bio, Inc. announced today its Personalized Progenitor Cell (PPC) platform and filing of associated intellectual property. In addition to proprietary know-how and trade secrets, the company filed patent application #63/599440.

Through leveraging organ-specific molecules and “injury signals,” the patent application teaches efficient means of transforming immortalized Personalized Regenerative Cells into cells that can directly restore and rejuvenate damaged or aged organs and tissues.

“One of the limitations of commonly used stem cell therapies is their reliance on in vivo differentiation,” said Thomas Ichim, President and CSO of Immorta Bio. “By administering autologous cells already differentiated in the lab to becoming precursors of the specific organ, we anticipate significantly higher level of engraftment and anti-aging effect.”

Immorta Bio’s innovative approach calls for the efficient generation in the laboratory of naturally occurring cells whose job is to repair an organ. Those cells are then administered in quantities required to achieve organ rejuvenation, a state, Immorta Bio calls, Stem Cell Revivify™.

“Immorta Bio is focused on Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease™,” said Dr. Boris Reznik, Chairman and CEO of Immorta Bio. “Generation of organ-specific ‘founder cells,’ which are capable of replacing old and damaged cells with new ones, is a major step forward in the fight against aging.”

About Immorta Bio:
Immorta Bio is a biotechnology company developing efficient and practical personalized stem cell platforms aimed at Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease™. Our objective is to rejuvenate the old and damaged organs to the healthy state, achieving, what we call, Stem Cell Revivify™. By solving the problem of diseases of aging, we can potentially dramatically increase our patients’ longevity.

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