Immorta Bio Inc, a Longevity Company, Announces a Significant Breakthrough in Treatment of Liver Failure

Scientists Come Closer to Reversing Aging by Generating Young Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Blood of a 75-Year-Old Donor

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Immorta Bio Inc, a science-based Life Extension company has announced patent filing on successful treatment of the carbon tetrachloride model of liver failure using its PMSC-11 stem cell therapy. Data disclosed in its filed patent demonstrates PMSC-11 potently suppresses liver damage as detected by preserving albumin production and blocking catastrophic rises in liver enzymes which are typical in liver failure.  Importantly, the administration of the PMSC-11 stem cell product induced a potent increase in a totally unexpected cytokine whose expression in some publications has been correlated with accelerated recovery from hepatic failure.

“The PMSC-11 product is a personalized mesenchymal stem cell that is generated to possess a significantly younger biological age than the patient,” said Dr. Thomas Ichim, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Immorta Bio. “The PMSC-11 cells, utilized in the experiments reported today, demonstrated safety as well as therapeutic efficacy, supporting continued development of this “First in Class” Stem Cell Therapy for liver failure.”

“Liver Failure is the fifth leading cause of death world-wide with no therapeutic options besides transplantation. We are conducting pre-clinical experiments in animals using human cells to demonstrate safety and efficacy of these cells before applying to the FDA to begin clinical trials,” said Dr. Vlad Bykoriz, Chief Medical Officer of Immorta Bio. 

Stem cells have previously been demonstrated to possess some therapeutic effects on liver failure, however allogeneic stem cells, that have been mostly used so far, are eventually rejected by the patient. And autologous adult stem cells are limited in numbers, and often dysfunctional because of preexisting conditions. The PMSC product overcomes some of the shortcomings of existing stem cell therapeutics. These cells are patient specific, “biologically younger”, and can be created in unlimited numbers because they are derived from the embryonic-like PRC.

“Our vision of significant life extension is based on revivifying aged or damaged organs,” said Dr. Boris Reznik, CEO and Chairman of the Company. “We generate “Amenable Stem Cells” (ASC) from a tablespoon of patient’s blood and utilize our proprietary technology to transform these ASC into “Personalized Regenerative Cells” (PRC).  The PRC are very similar to the immortal embryonic stem cells and are generated by “reverse differentiation” of the ASC from the patient’s blood.  These PRC should allow for creation and introduction of cells for any tissue or organ whose regeneration is desired. Today’s announcement provides a glimpse into the potential power of our Stem Cell Revivify™ path to organ and eventually whole-body rejuvenation.”

About Immorta Bio: 
Immorta Bio is a biotechnology company developing efficient and practical personalized stem cell platforms aimed at Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease™. Our objective is to rejuvenate the old and damaged organs to the healthy state, achieving, what we call, Stem Cell Revivify™. By solving the problem of diseases of aging, we can potentially dramatically increase our patients’ longevity.

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