Improved Wellness Across a Spectrum of Mind, Body and Spirit – ‘Optimum Vitality’ Greatly Expands Services to Include Female Health Line, Podcast Integration, and Best Nutritional Practices for Overall Healthy Living

MIDDLETON, Wis., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Optimum Vitality ( announced the expansion of its already thriving practice to include a wide variety of services, like the educational “Out of the Common” podcast. Founded by veteran nutrition consultant and wellness coach Vanessa Teff, Optimum Vitality is a broad, multitargeted platform that specializes in functional nutrition, primarily using whole food supplementation, herbal tinctures, and proven homeopathic approaches in a warm and friendly clinic atmosphere. With a client list that is growing exponentially, Optimum Vitality encourages new clients to sign up for a special, free complimentary consultation.  

Optimum Vitality: Nutrition Is Key

Focusing on digestive disturbances, gut-brain axis communication and concussions, while recognizing the importance of nutrition as part of a complete approach to homeostasis, Vanessa addressed the core issue experienced by so many of her clients:

“Disease is not the presence of something evil, but rather the lack of the presence of something essential. Here in our clinic, we usually find an initial lack is at the heart of our clients’ health and wellness problems. Whether it’s lack of a specific nutrient, exercise, mindfulness, or too little emotional support, lack ultimately leads to breakdown and dis-ease. We first help to identify what each client needs, and then build an individualized program to help them reestablish wholeness with the mental, emotional, and energetic sides of healing. Nutrition is always our foundation though – because the body is the seat of the whole self.”

Optimum Vitality: SHAPE ReClaimed

A signature nutritional program at Optimum Vitality, SHAPE ReClaimed™ is a safe, effective nanomolecular dietary protocol created to decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox, and cleanse – all in a concentrated effort to reduce excess weight. A multi-layered approach that includes whole nutrient-dense foods; a specially designed, proprietary SHAPE Drops supplement formula for detoxification; SHAPE ReClaimed™ specially addresses inflammation – a major, untreated cause of overall health issues. Developed from decades of clinical experience, SHAPE ReClaimed™ involves three steps:

  • Phase 1: Cleanse the body by removing toxins and reintroducing proper nutrition.
  • Phase 2: Stabilize brain chemistry and metabolism.
  • Phase 3: Healthy living, to achieve and maintain optimal health at any age.

Bringing the body back in harmony with the mind and spirit, Optimum Vitality represents one of the few client-centered practices in the U.S. that successfully employs synergistic approaches for a high quality of individual care. For more information on the SHAPE ReClaimed™ program, updates or event scheduling, go online. Or follow Optimum Vitality on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

About Optimum Vitality

A family-owned business since 1980, Optimum Vitality is a mind, body, and soul wellness clinic featuring a line of modalities directed at accelerating healing and enhancing overall peace and stability. Optimum Vitality is driven by the boundless energy of UCLA All-American rowing champ, Vanessa Teff, one of the youngest speakers to be invited to the Physica Energetics roundtable. As a leading consultant for Standard Process in the state of Wisconsin, Vanessa currently consults for numerous clients and leading businesses in the Madison area, offering an ever-evolving portfolio of alternative and holistic programs to promote health, beauty, peace, and contentment. Learn more at:

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