Intelliscan Launches AI-enabled Intraoral Scanner: INTELLISCAN 3D

TAMPA, Fla., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — INTELLISCAN 3D is the best all-around, open-source, most efficient, and cost-effective intraoral scanner to hit the market, designed to simplify the intraoral scanning experience with a user-friendly interface that is very easy to operate.

INTELLISCAN 3D features include stunning realistic color, clear margin lines, and powder-free. Smaller in size than the average scanner and with high speed, its cleverly designed scan head with anti-fog feature offers a superior scanning experience.

Using an advanced motion sensing function, you can operate the scanner hands-free and save scans from the wand eliminating the need to touch your laptop and reducing cross contamination risk.

INTELLISCAN 3D is entirely open source, you own your scans, and they are sent directly to the lab of your choice. There is no need to go through a clearinghouse like other scanners, which slows down case production and costs thousands annually in fees. 

Using the Intelliscan3D Cloud streamlines workflows enabling dentists and dental laboratory technicians to quickly send and obtain high-quality digital impressions for a full range of indications, including dental implants, crown and bridge restorations, clear aligners, and much more.

INTELLISCAN 3D is powered by advanced structured light triangulation technology equipped with a robust set of clinical tools and a dental cloud platform to achieve maximum efficiency.

INTELLISCAN Inc.‘s mission is to place our highly reliable, user- and patient-friendly intraoral scanner in every dental practice at a reasonable price.

Starting at $12,999, every dentist can enjoy the benefits of what digital dentistry has to offer. Patient satisfaction will increase by eliminating messy impression material. Dental practices will benefit by reducing costs, saving chair time, and adding new revenue streams.

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