Introducing “Think Oral Health” Podcast: Exploring the Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

SAN DIEGO, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Outcomes Rocket Network proudly presents the newest addition to its podcast family, the “Think Oral Health Podcast.” Hosted by Mariya Filipova and Jonathan Levine, this groundbreaking show explores the deep link between oral health and well-being through conversations with influential thought leaders in the industry.

As a serial intrepreneur, investor, and healthcare executive, Mariya Filipova brings her expertise and passion for transforming the healthcare landscape to every episode. Mariya Filipova says, “A first-person story is more powerful than any technology or status quo mindset. My story as a patient breathes life into everything I do and fuels my passion to bring together care disciplines, technologies, and business models. These are the stories we share on The Think Oral Health podcast – stories that influence decisions and inspire action.”

Joining her is Jonathan Levine, an accomplished oral health physician, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. Driven by improving oral health and promoting holistic healthcare, his extensive experience makes him a leading authority. Levine states, “The mouth-body connection is crucial for our health and longevity. However, the gap between medicine and dentistry has hindered collaboration in diagnosing systemic inflammatory diseases. Technological advancements now enable us to embrace a wellness approach in dental offices, leading to cost savings and better health outcomes. Our goal is to bridge the medicine-dentistry gap, promote better health for all, and create an efficient healthcare model.”

The “Think Oral Health” podcast explores the intersection of oral health and overall well-being through engaging conversations with experts and thought leaders. In the inaugural episode, rockstar Lenny Kravitz shares insights on the importance of oral health in his life, setting the stage for powerful discussions with esteemed guests.

Upcoming “Think Oral Health” guests include renowned figures such as Eric Pulver, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and advocate for oral health awareness, Stanley M Bergman, CEO of Henry Schein, Gerard Meuchner, Chief Global Communications Officer at Henry Schein, Inc., and Daniel Kraft, an innovative physician and futurist, and founder of NextMed Health. These esteemed guests, along with others, will share their expertise, experiences, and insights. Uncover the transformative power of oral health, exploring its implications for overall well-being.

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