iwi life Celebrates World Krill Day with Krill-free Supplement

Leading Algae Supplements Company Adds Vegikrill to its Product Line

HOUSTON, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Qualitas Health, LLC (dba iwi life) is honoring World Krill Day with the release of its Vegikrill krill-free vegan supplement.

Vegikrill was developed to offer consumers and retailers a better alternative to krill oil, and to help protect krill. Krill are known to be a critical force in the southern oceans and are a primary food source for blue whales, dolphins, penguins, and seals.

Vegikrill contains iwi life‘s own triple-patented AlmegaPL(r) ingredient which has been shown to provide 1.7-times the absorption level of fish and krill oil in human clinical science performed by an independent 3rd-party lab (KAGAN ET AL). This confirms the enhanced bioavailability of iwi life‘s unique algae-sourced Omega-3. In addition to Omega-3s from iwi life‘s own Nannochloropsis algae, Vegikrill contains the powerful ingredient astaxanthin, which comes from certain types of marine algae and is known for its red pigment.

iwi life’s new CEO, Tom Dimke, shares his enthusiasm for the company’s decision to provide a vegan plant-based and ocean-friendly krill oil alternative, “Krill oil got its popularity because it was considered more bioavailable than fish oil. Consumers deserve superior bioavailable ingredients that offer greater health benefits without planetary sacrifice. And when we grow our own algae as we do at iwi life, we’re able to provide these superior products. Vegikrill is among our latest examples of this.”

Vegikrill can now be found at iwilife.com and on Amazon. Learn more about algae oil versus krill oil.

About iwi life
iwi life is an award-winning natural products leader dedicated to unlocking the nutritional superpower of algae to benefit consumer health and planetary sustainability. The company owns their own algae farm in Texas and holds several patents related to their proprietary strain of algae, Nannochloropsis. They have a partner farm in New Mexico that is the largest outdoor algae farm in North America. They developed a proprietary platform to launch scientifically formulated health and nutrition products that are algae based, vegan and sustainable. For more information about their supplements, their algae farming and retail partners, visit iwilife.com.

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