Ketoveyda Enhances the Heart, Mind, and Body

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Suraksha Naturals has created its Vitamin B12 Spray as part of its keto-friendly Ketoveyda product line. The health and wellness brand has tailored the spray for easy sublingual application. This, combined with the product’s scientifically-backed natural ingredients, makes it an ideal way to help support quality of life in three critical ways: cardiovascular health, mental concentration, and physical energy.

B12 is an important part of the human diet. A lack of the vital nutrient can lead to a plethora of different issues, from general fatigue and weakness to weight loss, constipation, dizziness, and memory issues. There are many reasons B12 can be lacking in one’s diet, from medicinal side effects to gastrointestinal disorders, certain diets like keto or vegan, and even the simple act of getting older.

Suraksha Naturals has created a solution to the issue in the form of its B12 Spray. The product is a portion of the brand’s Ketoveyda label — a line of products specifically designed to help overcome the deficiencies created by the popular keto diet.

As the name implies, the product comes in a spray form that can be applied directly under the tongue. A couple of sprays a day (each bottle has nearly 100) can help restore B12 levels and both refresh and recharge the body. More specifically, B12 Spray helps in three areas:

  • The heart: The B12 Spray provides support in maintaining healthy critical homocysteine levels — elevated homocysteine levels can lead to blood clots and arterial damage.
  • The mind: B12 is critical for thinking and the Ketoveyda spray helps to promote concentration, enhancing clarity and improving brain function throughout the day.
  • The body: A lack of B12 can lead to sluggishness and fatigue, a problem that the B12 Spray addresses by boosting energy levels for the entire corporeal form.

B12 Spray isn’t a panacea for all of the body’s woes. In fact, the supplement isn’t meant to specifically treat, cure, or prevent any major diseases. However, the impact of healthy B12 levels is a critical one for a well-lived life.

Not only does it keep the heart healthy and the mind in good working order. It also boosts energy levels and helps individuals maintain that pep in their step. Suraksha Naturals’ Ketoveyda B12 Spray has been created with easy application and maximum benefits in mind. The supplement is an ideal way to shake off fatigue and improve the overall quality of life for consumers everywhere.

About Suraksha Naturals: Suraksha Naturals is one of twelve different verticals of the Suraksha Group Company. The brand is an industry-leading manufacturer of health and wellness products that prides itself on combining ancient herbal tradition with modern science to create the most effective natural products on the market.

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