Knowtion Health Awarded Top Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Knowtion Health has been named the nation’s Top Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine. The award recognizes technology contributions in the advancement of healthcare administration.

“Payers are investing heavily in new types of technology, especially AI, to support their clinical and technical claim review protocols that trigger claim denials, and organizations like ours are making these same types of investments to keep pace and respond to denials with technology-driven appeals and resolutions,” says Jayson Yardley, Knowtion Health’s CEO. 

Knowtion Health has been at the forefront of helping hospitals and health systems address patient-involved (coordination of benefits) and clinical denials, recover on low-balance accounts, and resolve complex claims.

One of the company’s most innovative technologies is Claimbrainâ. With the aid of Claimbrain, those working claims address denials using a pattern-based approach. Denials management teams benefit from workflows independent from one another, where technology supports “do this, for every type of claim with that.” This approach enables segmenting and prioritizing workflows based on the patterns identified using insurer trends, claims and payment history, and resolution probability to address denials at scale.

Machine learning-backed systems then automate the most likely next step in the claims process and steer only a limited portion of claims requiring manual intervention to Knowtion Health’s skilled staff to review and complete. The result is faster resolution and enhanced revenue recovery.

Knowtion Health was selected as Top Healthcare Revenue Cycle Company by a panel of experts and members of Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine’s editorial board as part of an annual program to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.

“We are pleased to announce Knowtion Health’s recognition and feature the organization as our cover story for our latest edition,” said Jeremy Williams, Managing Editor of Healthcare Tech Outlook.

About Knowtion Health 
In a world where the balance of power and complexity in insurance denials favor payers, Knowtion Health delivers claim experts equipped with specialized technologies to help healthcare providers resolve insurance claims and recover low balance accounts to increase their revenue and optimize patient experience amid workforce shortages. Knowtion Health is backed by Sunstone Partners, a growth-oriented private equity firm that invests in technology-enabled services and software companies. – You’ve Got This Now.

About Health Tech Outlook Magazine 
Healthcare Tech Outlook has been a pioneer in offering a learn-from-peer approach to the healthcare arena, offering technology advice to enhance both the overall healthcare landscape and assist individual care providers.

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