KromaTiD and SeQure Dx Enter Partnership Agreement to Offer Comprehensive, IND-Enabling Gene Editing Services Supporting Cell and Gene Therapy Research

LONGMONT, Colo. and WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KromaTiD and SeQure Dx announced today a partnership to market a comprehensive and integrated analysis of off-target gene editing in support of cell and gene therapy research, Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and drug product development. The combination of SeQure Dx’s NoteSeQ™and ScopeSeQ™ platforms with KromaTiD’s dGH in-Site™, dGH SCREEN™ and Genomic Integrity Karyotyping™ services provides the world’s first comprehensive, one-stop gene editing evaluation solution.

Dr. Keith Joung, Scientific Founder of SeQure Dx, states, “This joint offering provides a package that will empower scientists to predict and measure outcomes of gene editing across multiple platforms with the goal of minimizing risks to patients from the design stages and ultimately into the clinic.”

Dr. Douglas Smith, Sr. VP Research & Development at SeQure Dx, states, “This partnership creates a powerful solution for developers of genome editing therapies by combining SeQure’s best in class off-target nomination and confirmation platforms with Kromatid’s superior technologies for unbiased genome-wide rearrangement detection.”

KromaTiD has developed a menu of commercial products and services providing cell and gene therapy developers with unique assays for verification of off-target editing, transgene insertion and edit-associated structural variation. “By using the power of SeQure Dx’s predictive, personalized ONE-seq bioinformatics to design our dGH in-Site assays, researchers can not only confirm the outcomes of gene editing in the genome most relevant to the patient population”, says Christopher Tompkins, KromaTiD’s Chief Technology Officer. “They can then use this data to optimize their editing system, reduce off-target effects, and ultimately improve the safety of the drug product for the benefit of patients.”

Joung and Tompkins emphasize that experts from each company will work collaboratively with investigators to create and execute a customized study plan including selection of the best combination of assays and analytics to deliver a comprehensive dataset and to support their regulatory filings. The combined offering from SeQure Dx and KromaTiD includes:

  • NoteSeQ: Guide Selection, Guide Design, and IND Service – Leveraging the ONE-seq assay to biochemically nominate and illuminate off-target risks and develop mitigation strategies with greater sensitivity and breadth across populations than any other assay
  • ScopeSeQ: Editing System Assessments, and IND Services – to confirm and verify off-target gene editing findings
  • dGH in-Site: Direct, single-cell visualization of the structure of on- and off-target DNA edit sites and mapping of transgene insertions anywhere in the genome
  • dGH SCREEN: Single cell, unbiased and ultra-high-resolution mapping of structural variants as small as 2 kb
  • Genomic Integrity Karyotyping: Confirmatory mapping of low prevalence, edit-associated chromosomal structural variation, identification of sub-clonal cell populations and monitoring of cell and gene therapy batch stability

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About SeQure Dx

SeQure Dx is a genomics intelligence company dedicated to the advancement of on-target gene editing and cell therapies from discovery to patient. SeQure’s initial preclinical platforms for the biopharma industry, NoteSeQ and ScopeSeQ, comprise a suite of proprietary, best-in-class diagnostic assays and bioinformatic analytics that span the spectrum of off-target nomination and confirmation. The NoteSeQ and ScopeSeQ platforms comprehensively solve our partners’ preclinical off-target evaluation needs, including guide selection and IND submissions. SeQure Dx’s goal is to ensure that gene editing and cell therapies are suitable for all patients who would benefit from this next generation of life-saving technologies. For more information, please visit

About KromaTiD, Inc

KromaTiD supports research teams in academia, large pharmaceutical, and therapeutic companies with expert scientific support and unparalleled genomics tools and services. We are your partner for biomarker discovery, genomic integrity analysis of engineered cell products, clone screening, structural genomic assessment and plasmid manufacturing.

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