Latinx Military Veteran Reverses Her Anemia by Creating VictuaLiv, A Supplement of 9 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

ORLANDO, Fla., April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When Military Veteran and Latinx VictuaLiv Co-Founder Desiree Mora first adopted a plant-based diet, she became borderline anemic. While a plant-based diet of legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, plus a B12 supplement, can provide all the nutrients one needs, per the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine, like many people transitioning to a plant-based regime, Desiree didn’t know exactly how to get all the nutrients she needed. 

Desiree turned to a regular multivitamin and couldn’t find a single option that met her needs. Three-time entrepreneur Mora said, “I founded VictuaLiv, meaning food and life, with my partner because I wanted a multivitamin made specifically for my plant-based lifestyle, while also helping others make a successful and healthy transition.” Desiree is now thriving on a plant-based diet including VictuaLiv!

Many Americans have nutrition gaps. According to data collected between 2005 and 2006 by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, insufficient vitamin D levels were found in 41.6% of Americans. Further, when transitioning, people new to a plant-based diet may need help getting all the nutrients they need. VictuaLiv helps fill these gaps with one easy to swallow supplement and is a worry-free way that people can transition to a plant-based diet.

No Worries: 9 Essential Nutrients Makes Sense
VictuaLiv is a unique formula of 9 essential nutrients (Vitamins D, K12, B12, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Cranberry seed oil and DHA.)

Why just 9 ingredients? Mora explains, “Our focus of only including 9 ingredients just makes sense. The common multivitamin has a never-ending, long list of ingredients, and some ingredients end up canceling each other out.” With VictuaLiv, there is no need to take multiple or additional supplements.

 Vitamin You can Trust Is A Dream Come True for Latinx Founder

All VictuaLiv ingredients are plant-based, and the suppliers and the process of extracting them are cruelty-free, as well. All of this will lead to a vegan certification that is currently in progress. Further, Mora has taken strict measures to assure the verifiable quantity of nutrients on her label, unlike many vitamins on the market. 

Mora explains, “Ultimately, I believe in proper, healthy nutrition. I feel much more energized and better than ever. VictuaLiv is a dream come true for me.”

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About VictuaLiv
VictuaLiv is a plant-based, vegan supplement with 9 essential vitamins and minerals for the growing number of plant-based eaters who may experience nutritional gaps in their diet. VictuaLiv, meaning food and life, was founded by Latinx entrepreneurs Desiree Mora and Alexander Hovik (Latino/Norwegian), a former sponsored athlete who is also plant-based, in response to Desiree’s borderline anemia when she initially went plant-based. Now thriving, Desiree and Alex are excited to share VictuaLiv with the world to support strong health on a plant-based diet. @victualiv_official

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