Leading Expert Rudolph Novak Discusses Revolutionary Approach to Behavioral Health at Ridge RTC

MILTON, N.H., Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ridge RTC, a behavioral health facility catering to the unique needs of teenagers across the nation, is thrilled to announce an exclusive interview with esteemed expert Rudolph Novak. With a mission to provide dynamic and accessible care, Ridge RTC was established by Altior Healthcare.

What inspired the creation of Ridge RTC for adolescents? 

Ridge RTC was created in response to the demand for more dynamic and accessible care for teenagers across the country. As innovators in the adolescent space over the last 20 years, the team at Altior Healthcare saw the opportunity to create more access to care. The constant requests for more stabilization, support and therapeutic offerings called for change. 

Ridge RTC is Altior’s response to that call. We have built a robust transformative program which provides stabilization, individualized Evidence-Based and realistic treatment planning, Individualized Learning Plans and testing, thorough discharge planning, intense family support and coaching, and incredible opportunities for care to our most vulnerable population. 

Can you describe the philosophy or approach that guides your treatment programs? 

Ridge RTC is built on the ethos of client centered care, including a deep focus on mindfulness, empathetic, relationship based, motivational interviewing, respect, and care. We believe that no teenager is the same. We are built to meet the individual needs of each person we meet. Our clinical and support team is talented, diverse, and incredibly well trained. We realize that we must be able to provide various forms and modalities of therapeutic interventions and pivot as our families and their loved ones need relief. In short, we assess at entry and constantly reevaluate each child’s needs. As they grow and change, so do our approaches and modalities. 

What types of mental health conditions do you specialize in treating at Ridge RTC? 

Ridge RTC treats teens who display symptoms that appear to be self-destructive or showing low self-esteem. We believe that the underlying primary mental health issues cause these behaviors. Although we focus on treating the whole person, regardless of previous diagnosis, some of the more common issues we are presented with include depression, anxiety, trauma-related issues, mood disorders, co-occurring substance use disorders, and other teen mental health issues.

What kinds of therapies or interventions do you use in your treatment programs? 

We believe every adolescent deserves respect and care no matter what. When a child enters our care, we demand to provide the most individualized and client centered treatment we can. Each approach depends on each client. We have many incredible staff members trained in structure like Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy skills, Family Systems Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, as well as many others. However, what is most important to us at Ridge RTC is client centered care, meeting each client where they currently stand, and adapting our modalities. We must build relationships with each child and family members through narrative and then reevaluate our approach. 

How do you prepare adolescents for transitioning back to their daily lives after treatment? 

Discharge planning at Ridge RTC begins on the first day and involves all members of the family and providers involved here and in the home community. This vital step is part of every weekly treatment planning meeting and continues after discharge with follow-up calls by our talented and caring staff. We want to make sure every family we care for is successful and to do so, we must stay present after discharge as well. We don’t take this duty lightly and constantly send our staff into communities to learn about the options available. Discharge plans could include some of the options available such as Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Coaching, Psychiatrists, Therapeutic Day Schools, amongst others. We do believe if we engage in discharge planning early enough, we can even provide introductory sessions and even virtual tours with outside providers before discharge, minimizing the challenges of experiencing these alone without our in-person support. We will continue to stay in touch with our teenagers after they discharge so we can monitor how their discharge planning is going and adjust the plan when needed. 

For more information, please visit Ridge Treatment Centers or contact them directly at 603-384-9191.

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