‘Like Being in an Abandoned Cabin – Mental Illness Leaves You Stranded, Disconnected and Alone’ – Certified Wellness Coach and Speaker Bob Krulish Publishes Powerful New Memoir of Heart-Wrenching Personal Struggle in Time for World Bipolar Day March 31, 2021.

SEATTLE, March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bob Krulish (https://bobkrulish.com/) announced the publication of a memoir detailing his personal struggle with Bipolar I Disorder and the long road to remission and recovery. Written in partnership with Alee Anderson, renowned trauma writer and, herself, a sufferer of bipolar disorder, Krulish’s story uniquely illustrates the devastating effects of mental illness by pulling readers directly into the explosive drama as it unfolds – using a powerful stream-of-consciousness, 1st-person narrative technique. Krulish is currently a certified trainer who teaches the nationally recognized Listen-Empathize-Agree-Partner program (LEAP®) to parents of a loved one with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. “When Screams Become Whispers” is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

When asked about the book’s title, Krulish said: “Bipolar Disorder is an illness of loss, struggle, and disruption. For those who go untreated for a long time like I did, you lose everything: your job, your home, your family, and ultimately yourself. I became symptomatic at 16, and I went 35 years without a proper diagnosis. That’s an absolute hellscape of the mind. During my manic phases, I often coped by screaming – in rage, frustration, fear, or just complete hopelessness. But when I finally came back through recovery, I didn’t have to scream anymore. There was peace. And people tell me that I speak softly now, almost in a whisper. So, I guess that reflects the calm I feel inside. There’s also a natural quieting of my thoughts when things balance out. My brain no longer screams either; it too speaks in a whisper.

On recovery for Bipolar Disorder, Krulish remarked: “As a LEAP® coach, I tell parents that hope is a starting place – the very first step to recovery and remission. Hope is the single most important key to escape from the mental illness cycle. Every single step afterwards is always possible with hope. And I know that’s true because I rebuilt my life in that way. I now have a home again, a job, my kids, and new love. And I built all of that with sound recovery techniques, after a whole lot of hope.”

On his work as a coach, Krulish said: “When you lose everything and then come back, you really have some major choices to make. Because despair always lurks around every corner. After fighting through all that gloom and devastation of mental illness, recovery can bring a whole other challenge because here you are, with your whole life shattered. Most of your loved ones are gone and you have no idea where to begin anew. But rather than linger in that despairing place for too long, I chose to help others who were going through the same thing. And that has brought its own type of healing.”

From the book’s forward, written by national bestselling author and Founder of the LEAP® Foundation, Dr. Xavier Amador:

“Readers of ‘When Screams Become Whispers’ are transported to a fourth dimension of human experience that is very rarely seen, much less understood. We are enlightened and inspired. Bob Krulish reveals, with powerful and evocative prose, the mind and heart of people living with Bipolar Disorder. His empathy, wisdom and encouragement speaks to the sufferer and their loved ones who have been forced to ride the explosive rollercoaster that is untreated Bipolar Disorder.”

Learn more about Bob Krulish’s journey and his ongoing coaching work to help others with Bipolar Disorder at: www.BobKrulish.com.

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