LION Eye Group Collaborates with OCLI-Spectrum Vision Partners

NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LION Eye Group (“LION”) announces it has entered into a collaborative agreement with OCLI-Spectrum Vision Partners (“OCLI”) for integrated eye care.

The collaboration was the result of LION’s effort to engage in high quality medical optometry in conjunction with building out a better retail centric business model. The partnership gives patients more options, while allowing the ophthalmologists of OCLI to concentrate on laser and cataract surgeries.

James Vena, Executive Operating Partner and interim CEO of LION, envisions integrated eye care as an enhanced bridge between medical optometry and the retail side of the industry, offering a better in-office experience as well as ecommerce for LION signature locations. “While LION originated as an exit strategy, the outlook heading into 2021-2025 may be that we self-finance and partner with venture capital to create a foundation for franchise-like optometric stores.”

About LION Eye Group

Launched on January 1, 2020, LION Eye Group is a network of successful optometry practices based in New York.  Originally founded as the Long Island Optical Network, the group has expanded to Manhattan and surrounding Burroughs evolving from a turnkey exit strategy group to a sophisticated optometric Network.  Utilizing technology, LION is capitalizing opportunities in medical optometry while creating a franchise-like setting for a better in-store” experience for its patients.  Our commitment is vision, our vision is prosperity. Visit for more information.

About OCLI

OCLI is a world-renowned, multi-location ophthalmology practice offering eye care services.  Our practitioners are some of the most respected physicians in the region, earning their reputations as esteemed innovators and complication-solvers. Visit for more information.

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