LION Eye Group Enters into Collaborative Agreement with SightMD

NEW YORK, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LION Eye Group (“LION”), a network of independent optometry practices on Long Island and greater New York announced it has entered into a non-exclusive clinical affiliation agreement with SightMD.  With locations across greater Long Island, Westchester, and the New York area, SightMD is one of New York’s fastest growing ophthalmic provider groups. 

LION’s success has come from executing strategic initiatives that strengthen its position in the eye care community by partnering with other leaders in the industry.  LION announced on October 29, 2020 that partnering with ophthalmologists was integral to their long-term vision resulting in a mutually beneficial agreement with SightMD, the second ophthalmology network with which LION has partnered. 

James Vena, Chief Operating Partner, and interim CEO is excited about the deal with SightMD.  “The speed with which we were able to reach an agreement with SightMD proves they are deeply committed to providing quality patient care in a cost-effective and efficient manner. I truly believe in the tenets that the value of an idea lies in its use and execution, not just merely the thought, and that time kills all deals. On those fronts, it was a pleasure working with SightMD.

“Industry trends indicate a growing shortage of ophthalmologists and a surplus of optometrists. We want to help doctors and patients and as a result, emphasize the importance of medical optometry.  Both professions perform pre / post-surgery examinations, which can  sometimes leave patients confused and cause gaps in clinical care.  These collaborations will provide clarity and continuity of care for both patients and doctors.”

A key aspect of LION’s strategy is to ensure the optometrist is utilized to preserve the sanctity of medical optometry, the patient gets receives great eye care at a network of convenient locations, and ophthalmologists, already extended, can concentrate on essential surgery procedures such as laser and cataract surgery.

The primary demographic of LION patients is concentrated on Long Island and will need great ophthalmologists for cataract and laser surgeries in the coming years.

Dr. Jeff Martin, SightMD stated, “Collaborative care between optometry and ophthalmology is essential for providing optimized eye care for a growing aging population.  The fact that the number of ophthalmologists has stagnated while the patient need is increasing provides a significant opportunity for well-trained, high-quality optometrists like those in LION Eye Group. SightMD’s world-class surgeons and unmatched patient availability, 7-days-a-week with a 24/7 in-house call center make us an ideal partner to a progressive group like LION.”

About LION Eye Group

Launched on January 1, 2020, LION Eye Group is a network of successful optometry practices based in New York. Founded as the Long Island Optometric Network, the group has expanded to Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, evolving from a turnkey exit strategy group to a sophisticated optometric network. Utilizing technology, LION capitalizes on opportunities in medical optometry while creating a franchise-like setting for a better “in office and virtual experience for its patients. Our commitment is vision, our vision is prosperity. The Lion Eye Group is managed by LION Management MSO which continues to develop better strategies to offer the very best in medical optometry, state of the art technology and a more efficient and effective retail environment for the network’s patients.  Visit for more information.

About SightMD

SightMD is one of New York’s fastest growing ophthalmic provider groups, which gives you and your family 7-days-a-week access to the most comprehensive eye care services in over 40 convenient locations across greater Long Island, Westchester, and the New York area.  SightMD’s proven track record of providing clinically excellent care spans over 50 years, where award-winning physicians provide the personal, quality care you deserve from your doctor…in the convenience of your local neighborhood. Visit for more information.

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