Looking for an Energy Boost? The Chickpea Masters at Alt Health Have the Answer

Ms. Kusum Bhandari and Mr. Abhimanyu Rishi Have Used Their Own Health Journeys to Inspire Their Popular, Healthy, and Delicious Chickpea-Powered Coffee Alternative

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It has also remained an iconic staple in America ever since the Boston Tea Party, with nearly 75% of Americans still drinking coffee every day. At the same time, half of those same Americans have high blood pressure (hypertension), and nearly 60% have at least one chronic disease — both of which are conditions that don’t benefit from regular caffeine consumption.

“We all love that cup of something hot and invigorating to help us get through the day,” says Mr. Abhimanyu Rishi, cofounder and CEO of Alt Health, “but how helpful is that caffeine kick if it’s negatively impacting your health?”

Rishi personally struggles with hyper-acidity, while his co-founder and Alt Health’s CRO, Ms. Kusum Bhandari, has her own health concerns in the form of food allergies. Both have spent time searching for an alternative to traditional coffee that could provide the same experience and similar energizing benefits without the health risks.

“Our goal has always been to provide clean food options,” Rishi elaborates, “Alt Health is no different. We started by thinking of what we would want in a healthier coffee alternative, and the answer was obvious: chickpeas.”

Kusum and Rishi have become the chickpea masters in their home region of Bangalore, where they’ve developed half a dozen chickpea coffee flavors. These range from an original coffee-like option to cinnamon, jackfruit seed and chicory, and more. The one thing these products all have in common is that they are caffeine-free, utilizing roasted chickpeas as an alternative way to deliver an organic, 100% natural dose of clean energy.

Alt Health’s chickpea coffees are additive and preservative-free and loaded with key nutrients, including calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron, fiber, and potassium. Together, these provide the body with an effective source of long-lasting energy that doesn’t come with the physical strain or short-term crash of caffeine.

“No one wants the jitters,” says Rishi, “neither do they want the flat, chemical taste of decaf coffee. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing hypertension, you’re pregnant, or you’re a teenager. Alt Health’s chickpea coffees can keep you nourished and energized at any time of day.”

About Alt Health:
Alt Health is under the umbrella of Bhookha Haathi Hospitality Limited. The parent company has operated out of Bangalore since 2017 as one of the fastest-growing alternative healthy food-based companies in its homeland of India. The brand’s team members believe that food is more than just sustenance. It’s a way of life. Their mission is to make premium, healthy, and accessible alternative food products that support and promote a healthier lifestyle for their valued customers. The company is US FDA registered and holds multiple ISO certifications. Learn more at althealth.life.

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