MAA Sauces Infuse Home-Cooked Meals With Exotic and Authentic Indian Curry

The Sauce Contains Recipes Learned in India and Combined With Clean Ingredients and Cryogenic Spices to Deliver a Truly Unique Experience

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MAA Sauces are a unique and elegant take on the Indian sauce experience. Created by Harry “Guru” Khanna, the range of revolutionary kitchen treasures comes from a rich history of Indian cuisine combined with relentless forward-thinking, entrepreneurial investment and innovation.

Khanna ran a restaurant and pub in the multicultural metropolis of Toronto from 1986 to 1998, during which he began his lifelong journey of developing and perfecting his sauces. Toronto was an ideal environment where Khanna’s culinary dreams could incubate. His reputation as an Indian chef grew, and he began to zero in on perfecting his sauces.

However, to truly create the greatest Indian sauce brand on the market, the ambitious entrepreneur knew he had to go further. In 1998, he bowed out of the brick-and-mortar restaurant business and headed to India, where he spent the next three years mastering the sauce-making process.

“I went to India with one purpose,” Khanna explains, “I wanted to master my sauce to perfection — and to acquire new recipes. Once I had accomplished that, the last piece of the puzzle came together in the form of cryogenic spices.”

Khanna’s recipes have always been devoted to balancing healthy ingredients with exquisite taste. They are vegan, top-allergen friendly, and void of additives, cholesterol, trans-fats, MSG, and added sugar. However, they didn’t truly reach their current form until their creator discovered the magic of cryogenic spices. These are spices ground in unique hyper-cooled grinders to avoid burning the powder or compromising the oils and other nutrients.

“Cryogenic spices preserve nutrients and have explosive, vibrant flavor,” says Khanna. “They are the key that makes MAA Sauces a one-of-a-kind global phenomenon.” Backing up this innovative journey of development is the fact that MAA Sauces are convenient and affordable. They are easy to prepare on the homefront and enable even those with minimal experience in the kitchen to enjoy a truly masterful, exotic, and authentic Indian cuisine experience.

About MAA
MAA was originally Guru Foods Indian Sauces in the US and continues to operate under the registered trademark GURU in Canada. The brand was launched in 2009 by Harry “Guru” Khanna. The Indian ex-restaurant owner created his own commercial sauce label to give a global audience access to his premium Indian sauces. These highly sought-after culinary condiments utilize cryogenic spices, extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan salt and are vegan, low-fat, top allergen safe, and free of dairy, gluten, trans-fat, MSG, cholesterol, and additives. Learn more at

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