MediSprout Reaches Important Milestone

Upstart telehealth platform evolves into a hybrid practice management solution.

VALHALLA, N.Y., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the push of its latest software update, MediSprout became a full-scale hybrid practice management solution, targeting small and startup behavioral and mental health practices. In the new HIPAA-compliant MediSprout platform, providers now have technology that supports hundreds of practice-wide functions such as patient scheduling and intake for video or in-person visits, automated admin and nonclinical tasks, secure provider notetaking and storage, and features that support the industry’s move to patient-controlled records and patient-centric care.

While MediSprout got its initial burst of speed as a telehealth solution amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it was never destined to be just that. MediSprout founder and CEO, Samant Virk, MD, had a bigger vision.

“I’m pleased we were able to help hundreds of thousands of people at such a compelling time in healthcare,” said Virk. “But it was just a slice of what we’re really shooting for.”

Virk, with the help of MediSprout’s international design and development team, not to mention input from more than 1000 US-based therapists, set his sights on a solution more in line with the needs of providers and patients today.

“Higher patient engagement, lower provider burnout, more time for care–these are the things that are slowed by the antiquated technology in healthcare today,” said Virk. “This update represents our biggest step toward a transformational practice management experience that removes the friction and pushes healthcare forward.”

Along with a consolidated set of practice tools for providers, MediSprout offers patients an intuitive app that simplifies access to care, addressing another healthcare challenge.

“We have to give patients tools as well, tools that ease access to their providers and give patients a bigger role in their care,” said Virk. “That’s the way to better patient engagement and better care outcomes.

About MediSprout

MediSprout is a hybrid practice management solution for small and startup behavioral and mental health practices of one to 50 providers. Established as a telehealth solution in 2019, MediSprout uses technology and data to elevate the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and organizations. MediSprout operates with a vision of a healthcare ecosystem that functions openly and equitably for everyone inside it.

Samant Virk, MD


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