MedPass Teams Up with Aiberry to Offer AI-Driven, Real-Time Mental Health Screenings

Consumers can assess daily depression, anxiety levels + schedule virtual support all in one app

MIAMI, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Miami-based MedPass, an innovative health and wellness subscription-based application powered by HealthBird, and Aiberry, an AI-powered mental health assessment platform, are joining forces to provide consumers with real-time assessments of their mental health.

The MedPass application is set to launch in early 2024. It will provide a cost-effective, holistic approach to healthcare by providing consumers with Telehealth, mental health, personalized nutrition guidance, and virtual and in-person fitness all from an app on their phone.

By integrating Aiberry’s AI technology – which is based on two decades of research bundled into a powerful solution that helps providers better serve their patients – into the app, consumers can receive quick and objective mental health screenings, delivering real-time assessments of their mental state, as well as a quantified risk score and health insights to enhance diagnosis and treatment. Its Machine Learning pipelines are designed to eliminate biases, including those related to age, gender, sexual orientation and race. Along with daily screenings, MedPass’ application allows users to schedule virtual appointments with licensed therapists and psychiatrists, providing affordable access to mental health support.

According to MedPass Co-Founder Irena Tigranyan, “We recognize the need for easily accessible and user-friendly mental health support. Through this partnership, our application will allow members to take daily mental health self-assessments to measure their depression and anxiety levels, then get the support they need. We feel it’s our job to provide resources that empower individuals to take control of their mental well-being and make it a seamless part of their daily routines.”

Linda Chung, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Aiberry, expressed her excitement about the partnership. “This collaboration with MedPass marks a step toward making mental healthcare readily available to all. Our technology leverages text, audio, and video inputs to evaluate mental health conditions and associated symptoms. Together, by providing users with access to care, we can enhance early detection and allow their care teams to work toward better outcomes.”

MedPass’ mission is to provide a comprehensive, personalized healthcare solution that seamlessly integrates health, wellness, and fitness services. The product is an excellent alternative for those who may not qualify for traditional health insurance due to various restrictions or for those looking to complement their existing health plan. Individuals can choose from multiple membership tiers, with options starting at less than $30.00 a month to receive coverage.

About MedPass

MedPass is a revolutionary health and wellness subscription-based application powered by HealthBird. The membership plan provides access to Telehealth, mental health, personalized nutrition guidance, and virtual and in-person fitness. While traditional health insurance alleviates financial burdens related to healthcare, MedPass takes prevention to the forefront. The company empowers you to prioritize your well-being alongside your existing health insurance coverage. For more information, visit

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