Memory Health Platform to Hit Consumer Market on Outstanding Early Clinical Results

KANSAS CITY, Kan., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Early clinical results from an alpha project involving seniors in memory care using Telememory’s memory health platform reveal that both seniors and families have been experiencing less anxiety and depression, while also improving moods and increasing engagement. Telememory LLC, a Kansas City-based company that uses its patent-pending memory health platform to provide seniors and families personalized cognitive care, partnered with Delmar Gardens Enterprises Inc., based in Chesterfield, Mo., for the project.

“These results demonstrate our revolutionary approach to digital mental health,” said Eliot Arnold, CEO of Telememory. “Our platform is purpose-built to harness the healing power of memories. We are unlocking extremely valuable information in people’s brains that rekindle a sense of purpose, self esteem and hope. Our platform harnesses this value for therapeutic benefit for the whole family.”

The preliminary findings: Seniors and families using Telememory’s technology showed improved mood, decreased depression and anxiety and became happier overall as they feel more connected to their life and are then able to engage with those around them with a sense of belonging.

The memory health platform is unique in providing a digital therapeutic approach to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) by helping seniors re-live experiences with friends, family and care-givers, remotely, while also measuring their cognitive responses, recollection and overall engagement. The product will soon be available for consumers. Families can purchase the product to connect and provide digital healthcare to their senior loved ones from home or on the go. The product also is scalable so that home healthcare, assisted living facilities and others can use the technology to benefit their memory care residents.

The study with Telememory and Delmar Gardens is key to refining a consumer product set to launch this summer.

“The Delmar Gardens Family prides itself on providing personalized services and state-of-the-art amenities that improves the lives of our dear residents and their families. Keeping our residents and their loved ones connected during the pandemic has certainly been a challenge. This unique project served to bridge that gap for our selected residents and their loved ones,” says Kathy Gilmore, Senior Vice President at Delmar Gardens. 

“Most treatments for anxiety and depression in the Alzheimer’s and dementia patient population require drugs and prescriptions. This product is a non-pharmaceutical intervention with significant promise for mood management and cognitive stimulation therapy,” said Dr. George Grossberg, Director, Geriatric Psychiatry at St Louis University School of Medicine. Dr. Grossberg will be presenting the project’s clinical data at the 2021 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in July.  

“We found that residents were very engaged during their Telememory sessions, which prompted positive moods as they connected with pictures and images curated specifically for each resident.  Even more important, this connection to their memories and family members lessened anxiety in our residents.  It’s an absolute joy to see the residents engaging so favorably,” said Katie Claus, Activities Director at Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield. 

Telememory’s memory health platform:

  • Collects key information about a patient’s life through a digital biography process
  • Curates personalized content including music, art, video, images purpose built for invoking long term memory recall, emotional responses and information sharing
  • Allows families, patients and care-givers to interact, stream and share content via telepresence technology similar to Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Amazon drop-in
  • Analyzes emotional and biometric responses to the memories to gauge recall
  • Provides analysis and content recommendations based on responses
  • Shares engagement data, activity and response information with families and care-givers.

“COVID kept Mom isolated and she was suffering. Telememory’s product helped us stay connected to Mom and keep Mom connected to us and all she loves. We noticed she was happier and less anxious, which gave me peace of mind that she was being taken care of even when we couldn’t be there in person,” said Helene Reed, of St Louis, Mo., whose mother is a resident at Delmar Gardens.    

“Our business was born of need. My father suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and we had no means of helping him stay connected to the things he loved — art, music, theatre, business, cars. I’ve learned from personal experience that every family member deserves the peace of mind that comes with a better understanding of their parents’ mental health and happiness. Using our memory health platform, seniors and their families can access highly personalized cognitive care,” Arnold said. “We are working hard to identify and build features in our product that keep seniors happier at home, longer. We also strive to give families peace of mind that their loved ones are engaged and active throughout the day.”

About Telememory — Based in Kansas City, KS., Telememory is a silvertech company that offers a memory health platform to connect patients and families to personalized cognitive care.  Learn more at

About Delmar Gardens Enterprises — Founded in 1965, by the late Henry and Barbara Grossberg and the late Israel and Yetra Goldberg, Delmar Gardens serves over 4000 seniors in Missouri, Kansas, Georgia, Nebraska, Nevada and Illinois; featuring skilled nursing, retirement/assisted living, memory care, home health, private duty, hospice/palliative care, wound care and pharmacy services.  Learn more at

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