Mental Health is too Serious to be Taboo, Novatek International Invited as a Guest Speaker at MedTech Conference

MONTREAL, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Novatek International is proud to participate in the MedTech conference as we continue to highlight the challenges about mental health and the societal stigmas and the blame or burden it puts on patients, reinforcing negative stereotypes.

Novatek was invited to be part of the Panel Session: “Astronaut Reveals Next Generation Space Health Technologies with Meaningful Earth Applications.”

Alongside Canadian Astronaut, David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency and the National Research Council of Canada, President and CEO of Novatek, Mr. Parsa Famili contributed to the panel with a presentation on “Reimagining Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation on Earth and Space.”

“We are grateful for your service; Mr. David St-Jacques. Your courage and that of your colleagues during their missions to achieve new frontiers is the motivational force behind Novatek. We strive to innovate and continuously brining new technology to address our current needs both hear on earth and in space,” said Mr. Famili.

The MedTech Conference invites the world’s top medical executives, innovators, and global policy makers to come together. This year’s conference, made virtual, is especially important as the world needs more automated assessment tools that can be deployed remotely. With over 20 years of offering the medical & healthcare industry innovative technologies, Novatek is pleased to be part of this year’s program. Novatek’s family of companies continuously develop and incorporate new innovative technologies to the healthcare system:

Cognistat – A rapid, reliable, and affordable non-invasive neurocognitive assessment that provides healthcare professionals with leading edge screening technology and efficiently screens major areas of brain function. Cognistat can be used in large scale screening thus substantially decreasing cost of care. Learn more at:

Novatek International provides software solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries to leverage data into sound decision making reducing risk in their everyday operations. Additionally, we are developing new rehabilitation procedures through virtual reality and augmented reality and artificial intelligence to determine the effectiveness of the rehabilitation. Learn more at:

Hope for Dementia, a registered charity to raise awareness on mental health and remove the societal stigmas that come with it. Hope for Dementia is dedicated to supporting the early diagnosis and prevention of dementia and other cognitive disorders in addition to raising funds for research to find a cure. Learn more at:

The MedTech Conference will be on demand and live throughout September to October 23rd, 2020 with Novatek’s Panel Session on Monday Sept. 14th. Visit for more information or request a meeting to discuss any of their leading healthcare industry technology products. 


Established in 1996, Novatek’s mission is dedicated to help pharmaceutical companies and other life science organizations leverage their investment in information technology and quality processes by reducing cost, improving productivity, and enhancing compliance. With 20+ years of user experience and developer level technical support, simple or complex installations are seamless and rapid. The architecture of all Novatek solutions are modular and process-based, enabling the applications to be delivered “business-ready” providing the building blocks for a complete quality solution. For more information on Novatek International visit: and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

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