MitoQ Wins Award for Best Heart Health and Longevity Support Supplement Product Line for 2023

MitoQ Ltd. has won the Best Heart Health and Longevity Support Supplement Product Line Award for 2023 by HealthXWire, a digital publication. This entrepreneurial and actively evolving enterprise is unique in the extensive body of scientific research underlying its flagship product, the proprietary nature of its core ingredient, and its focus on health at the cellular level.

NEW YORK, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HealthXWire announced today that it has awarded New Zealand-based MitoQ its highest honors for the company’s breakthrough technology in cell health, featuring an innovative bio-engineered antioxidant in its 2023 line of health supplements. MitoQ’s proprietary CoQ10 molecule is uniquely bioavailable in its neutralization of damaging free radicals and relief of oxidative stress. [See full press release.]

CoQ10 is one of the most consumed dietary and nutritional supplements in the U.S. and is the most recommended supplement by cardiologists. Factors such as growing geriatric populations and increasing adoption of dietary supplements have increased demand for CoQ10; market revenue is expected to cross $1.15 billion by 2027. Healthcare applications to promote heart health are expected to drive market statistics over the forecast period, increasing demand for MitoQ’s heart health supplement, MitoQ+heart. 

CoQ10 is a powerful – introductionantioxidant that helps prevent damage to cell membranes and DNA caused by free radicals. Current CoQ10 supplements, however, cannot effectively penetrate the impermeable walls of the cells’ energy-producing mitochondria.

In contrast, MitoQ is a unique molecule clinically proven to be absorbed directly into the mitochondria, accumulating at levels hundreds of times higher than standard CoQ10 supplements, leading to speculation that MitoQ may replace CoQ10 supplementation in the future.

The scientific community has taken note of the product’s potential. Leading institutions around the world are currently studying MitoQ, with over 600 peer-reviewed scientific papers published, 14 clinical trials completed, and over 60 patents attained.

MitoQ recently debuted its new heart health formulation,, which includes vitamin D3, magnesium, and L-carnitine.

In addition, the company features an array of products that blend its unique molecule with research-backed supplement ingredients, each aimed toward specific health issues, including MitoQ+joint, MitoQ+liver, MitoQ+eye, and MitoQ+brain. [See full press release.]

MitoQ products are available direct from the manufacturer and via e-commerce outlets.


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Karl Klinger

SOURCE HealthXwire; MitoQ