Montclair Breast Center Celebrates a Trailblazer: Breast Surgeon Elissa J. Santoro, MD

HAMILTON, N.J., Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It is with great joy that Genesis Health, the health care division of Genesis Global Group, and New Jersey-based Montclair Breast Center announce a special celebration in honor of the esteemed Dr. Elissa J. Santoro for her 85th birthday.

Dr. Santoro is a distinguished and revolutionary breast surgeon whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the field of breast health. Dr. Santoro has exclusively dedicated her practice to breast surgical oncology since 1976. She founded the Breast Care and Treatment Center in Livingston, NJ and has appeared on several televised educational programs. She has written and co-authored numerous publications related to breast diseases and treatments. Dr. Santoro has worked with New Jersey state legislators to develop a Women’s Health Department and increase funds for Breast Cancer Research. She also received the First Annual Christine Todd Whitman’s Award for Outstanding Woman in the field of Medicine. Becoming a doctor was a lifelong pursuit of Dr. Elissa Santoro: “I dreamed of being a doctor to heal the sick before kindergarten. My family doctor encouraged me. My life has been blessed by achieving this dream, serving as a breast surgical oncologist, and has continued to fulfill this dream to this day.”

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Santoro has been a mentor to aspiring female surgeons. Praised for her wisdom, guidance and ability to instill confidence in those around her, many credit Dr. Santoro as a driving force behind their successful careers in breast health – including Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder of Montclair Breast Center.

Following in her mentors’ footsteps, Dr. Elliott set new standards for prevention and early detection of breast cancer, opening her own practice in 1989. Her unwavering commitment to excellence continues to transform the lives of countless patients. Her leadership at Montclair Breast Center fosters an environment of innovation where cutting-edge research and patient-centric care go hand in hand. Coming full circle, Dr. Santoro joined Dr. Elliott at Montclair Breast Center in March 2022. “Dr. Santoro inspired me to pursue the specialty of breast surgery and breast oncology. Without her, there would be no Montclair Breast Center. She is truly my idol!” said Nancy Elliott, MD, FACS, Founder of MBC and Director of Genesis Health.

Dr. Eli Mordechai, Founder and CEO of Genesis Global Group and Genesis Health, commented, “As the first woman to complete the General Surgical Residency program at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, Dr. Santoro is a medical pioneer who went on to dedicate her life’s work to expanding women’s options for breast cancer treatment while preserving their dignity. Her lifesaving work in the field on women’s health has impacted generations of women and their families. We could not be prouder to have Dr. Santoro with us at Montclair Breast Center as her body of work and influence are largely responsible for its existence.” 

Genesis Health was honored to celebrate the extraordinary contributions to healthcare and the milestone birthday of Dr. Elissa J. Santoro on November 11th, 2023, at the Highlawn in West Orange, NJ. Colleagues, friends, and family gathered to express their gratitude and commemorate her remarkable achievements. Elissa J. Santoro has dedicated her life to improving women’s lives through her expertise and compassion, and we look forward to being a part of that legacy.

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