Mr. Cannabis Law Serves as a Comprehensive Partner for Navigating New York’s Cannabis Business Licensing Applications

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mr. Cannabis Law, a renowned full-service law firm dedicated to the cannabis industry, is proud to offer its services to individuals and businesses eagerly awaiting the upcoming round of cannabis business license applications in New York, set to launch early this October.

Headquartered in Florida and founded by Dustin Robinson, Esq., Mr. Cannabis Law has emerged as a trailblazing legal partner for those seeking to venture into the cannabis sector. With a rich history of successful engagements with cannabis license applicants across various states, the firm boasts cutting edge expertise in navigating the intricacies of cannabis business regulations.

Since its establishment, Mr. Cannabis Law has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence. In 2021, the firm opened its first office in New York, marking a significant milestone in its expansion journey. Mr. Cannabis Law has proudly helped facilitate the successful cannabis business license awards for numerous applicants, including New York CAURD licensees. The firm’s dedication has not gone unnoticed, with dozens of prospective cannabis entrepreneurs turning to Mr. Cannabis Law for guidance in their pursuit of New York licenses.

In a landscape where the largest 100 law firms frequently restrict their cannabis-related services to corporate structuring and conventional legal matters, Mr. Cannabis Law stands out as a true advocate for aspiring cannabis businesses. Recognizing the complexities and challenges faced by applicants, the firm has devised a groundbreaking solution—an all-encompassing service offering. This comprehensive approach covers a range of critical elements, from legal matters and application drafting to real estate support, site plan assistance, security planning, and more.

Andy Sick, Esq., the lead attorney for Mr. Cannabis Law’s operations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, expressed the firm’s unique ethos: “We are a boutique law firm that provides our cannabis licensing clients with the attention, care, and support that a new cannabis business needs to guide them through the New York application process. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond by offering unparalleled services and building strong relationships with our clients. Due to our extensive experience working in the cannabis space, we are familiar with the complications that have arisen in the rollout of cannabis licensing programs in New York and other states. As a result, we can provide grounded guidance to our clients and often anticipate difficulties before they occur.”

Sick continued, “We like to keep everything under one roof for our clients in order to minimize confusion and maximize successful outcomes. This holistic approach is why a significant majority of cannabis license applicants who work with Mr. Cannabis Law continue their engagement with the firm for legal services even after successfully obtaining a cannabis license.”

By offering a comprehensive suite of services, Mr. Cannabis Law empowers applicants to streamline their journey towards securing a coveted cannabis license in New York. This integrated approach not only saves time and resources but also mitigates the risks associated with fragmented consultations and conflicting strategies.

For inquiries or more information about Mr. Cannabis Law’s comprehensive offerings, please contact Andy Sick, Esq. at (786) 526-1155 or

About Mr. Cannabis Law: Mr. Cannabis Law is a distinguished full-service law firm focused on the cannabis industry. With its headquarters in Florida and a prominent New York office established in 2021, the firm provides end-to-end support for individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of cannabis business licensing applications. The firm has been recognized as the “Best Cannabis Law Firm in the United States” and the “Best Cannabis Legal Services Provider in the Eastern United States” by Global Health & Pharma’s Commercial Cannabis Awards. Boasting a successful track record of supporting applicants in various states, Mr. Cannabis Law stands as a trusted partner for those seeking a holistic approach to cannabis licensing and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit

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