New Book Launch Offers Personal Development Strategies

COSTA MESA, Calif., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Choose Happiness and Civility is now introducing Volume I of the Choose Happiness and Civility Collection which is available on in paperback and Kindle formats.

“Growing up, we’re taught a lot of things in school, except emotional intelligence, self-talk, how to respond to other people’s criticism of us, how to change our self-image, civility, the role of thoughts in achievement, and how to make a paradigm shift.  This book is written to fill that void,” says author Chandra Ellington.

The book includes topics:

  • Happiness is Yours for the Taking: Being Unhappy is Not Ok
  • Your Self-Talk is Worthy of Your Undivided Attention
  • Stop Ridiculing Yourself
  • Improve Your Self-Image
  • Program Your Mind for Success
  • When you Concentrate Your Efforts, You Make a Way for Yourself
  • When Life Catches You on the Blindside
  • Tips for Dealing with Difficult People
  • Civility: Inappropriate Questions to Ask People

Each topic is presented in a practical, easy-to-implement, way for adults.  This timeless edition is a must-have in your library and to buy as a gift for someone on at

“He who lives life being the best expression of himself, in a way that leads to better life experiences, has a sense that his life is meaning, worthwhile and good.”
~Chandra Ellington

About the Author
The author, Chandra R. Ellington, is a Certified Stress Management Coach.  You can learn more about her at

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Chandra Ellington, MM, CSMC
Cell: (323) 395-8793

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