New Publication: Scientists from National Institute on Aging, Amazentis and EPFL Publish Landmark Paper on an Essential Biological Pathway for Healthy Aging

Postbiotic Molecule, Urolithin A, Activates This Pathway Called Mitophagy

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Timeline Nutrition announces the publication of a landmark scientific paper in Nature Metabolism, “Mitophagy in human health, aging and disease,” a collaboration from the head of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Prof. Luigi Ferrucci, and the Amazentis research team, led by Dr. Davide D’Amico. The review is coauthored by Professor Johan Auwerx from the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Dr. Julie Faitg and Professor Anna Picca

With aging often comes a lack of energy, but what if it was the other way around? What if it was a lack of energy that made us age? The paper sheds light on mitophagy, a natural cellular “Pac-Man” process by which the aged batteries inside cells are eaten up and recycled into new youthful ones. Key findings on mitophagy include:

  • Keeps Cells Young: Mitophagy is cellular cleanup, getting rid of and replacing damaged mitochondria. Impaired mitophagy can lead to chronic, low-grade inflammation and weakened immune response in the elderly, a condition known as “inflammaging.”
  • Helps the Brain and Immune System: The brain and immune system rely on mitophagy, which acts as a super-efficient energy source, helping with cognition, immunity, and tissue repair.
  • Fights Age-Related Decline: When mitophagy isn’t functioning well, it can lead to weak muscles, heart issues and age-related brain conditions.

The review paper also highlights interventions to promote health by boosting mitophagy. Urolithin A, a potent postbiotic nutrient derived from precursor molecules in pomegranates and other fruits, stands out as the best studied nutritional intervention to activate mitophagy in humans. Timeline Nutrition has been studying the molecule using Mitopure®, pure Urolithin A. The study indicates how Urolithin A helps to wake up the cells’ cleaning system, especially in muscles, making cells act younger and healthier, and is clinically proven to increase muscle strength in humans. 

“Newly energized cells may provide many more years of healthy life to people,” citing the conclusions written by Professor Luigi Ferrucci, head of the National Institute of Aging, and coauthors. 

This research crystallizes the consensus among the scientific community on how nutritional interventions promoting mitophagy can beneficially support human health and wellbeing. 

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