New, Transparent See-Through Face Mask Lets People See Your Smile and Facial Expressions

CHICAGO, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A new, transparent face mask lets people see your face and kills breath-born bacteria and metabolic byproducts, according to the inventor, Dr. David Phillips, MD, Ph. D., president of What A Great Product, which is producing the Silver Infused Face Mask.

“Not only does the mask let your friends and business colleagues see your pearly whites, but the mask also restores normal communication,” said Larry Berg, the marketing manager, and responsible for producing the infomercial to give customers more information. “In all conversations – whether business or person – it is so important to see a person’s facial expressions so we can understand their true meaning from the cues given by smiles, winces, nose tweaks, and other non-verbal facial cues. Traditional masks hide those important non-verbal cues. Now everyone will know what you mean because they can see your whole face.”

The masks also solve the problem of audio-impaired people who rely on reading lips. The Silver Infused Transparent Face Mask helps provide respiratory protection for the wearer. This face mask is embedded with multiple-use, re-sanitizable silver ions. The silver provides a barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mask, according to Dr. Phillips.

“Wearing a face mask in public has become an everyday necessity for many of us. But are we really protecting ourselves from contaminants with an untreated mask? If our mask becomes contaminated from virus droplets in the air expelled by others or even our breath-borne bacteria and metabolic byproducts, chances are we will be breathing in those droplets despite wearing protective gear. Our  Silver  Infused Face Mask potentially kills these accumulated contaminants immediately,” Dr. Phillip said.

“Normal masks accumulate your moisture and exhaled metabolic byproducts, including bacteria and virus, and then you breathe them back into your system unnecessarily,” he said. The silver ions embedded in the mask are microscopic and permanently integrated into the fabric. These ions are electrostatically charged, attracting virus and bacteria droplets as air passes nearby.

Each mask can be used and recharged up to 30 times in a home microwave (1,000 watts) for 15 seconds. The mask is highly effective against allergens and other contaminants, he said. Because these treated masks are rechargeable and therefore reusable, the actual per cost use is 66 cents if you purchase one, 44 cents when you buy the 3 pack and only 33 cents per use when you buy the 10 pack.

The mask comes in two sizes. The adult model is only $19.97.


  • Embedded broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection
  • Latex-free
  • Embedded charcoal increases the absorbability of airborne moisture droplets.
  • Silver/charcoal mask is approved by NIOSH.

Because of the FDA’s backlog in approving drugs and medical products, these products have not completed the FDA process (thus, we cannot make any claims treat or affect any human or animal tissue). If you feel after doing your research that these masks’ components can be helpful to you, they are available.

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Hand Sanitizer
The company also is selling a Moisturizing Silver Hand Sanitizer in a 2 ounce, six-pack for $23.95. The hand sanitizer contains 70% concentration isopropyl alcohol 97% by volume, 1% each of tea tree, cinnamon, and peppermint oils.

“Our hand sanitizer softens your hands rather than drying them out,” Berg said.

“Every purchase made enables us to donate an equal number of masks and hand sanitizers to first responders, doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics,” said Berg.

About the Inventor, David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D.
Dr. David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized electronic medical device inventor who holds many patents and received the Inventor of the Year Award in 1986 for the infrared ear thermometer that is the standard for taking the body’s core temperature all over the world.

Dr. Phillips is the Chairman, Board Certification Committee of The American College of Physical Medicine.

Currently, he is the instructor for MDs and DOs seeking certification in Board Certification in Neuropathy, Board Certification in Chronic, Intractable pain, and Board Certification for Opioid Addiction/withdrawal.

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