Newport Beach Chiropractor Helps Patients with Severe Sciatica Avoid Surgery

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sciatica expert and local chiropractor Dr Mike Digrado has formulated a treatment plan comprised of state-of-the-art decompression therapy combined with deep tissue laser therapy to address patients with severe lower back pain, herniated discs, and sciatica. In most cases, his treatment has shown significant improvement in patient pain, helping those afflicted with severe pain and mobility restrictions.

Rosemary C., a 78 year old senior living with severe low back pain and sciatica pain for years would often go see her physician and get injected with numbing cortisone shots to reduce her pain. While the injections worked to lessen the pain, over time, the medication would wear off forcing Rosemary to head back to her doctor for another injection. Finally, after several rounds of shots, her doctor recommended surgery, as MRI’s showed 5 slipped discs as the culprit for her pain.

Rosemary found Dr Mike Digrado’s ad while doing a search online, and was excited to see what Newport Center Family Chiropractic had to offer. According to her, she never even knew what decompression therapy was, so was curious if this type of therapy would help. Much to her delight, she experienced results right away. “After my very 1st treatment on the decompression table, followed by laser therapy administered by Sonja, I had noticeably less pressure and pain in my lumbar area. Pain relief was immediate after my very first treatment,” said Rosemary in her online review, adding “My sciatica hasn’t flared up since being ‘decompressed’ – that makes me very happy.”

“We are so proud and privileged to help patients such as Rosemary get out of severe pain all without any type of intrusive procedures or medication,” explains Dr Mike Digrado, clinic director and owner of Newport Center Family Chiropractic near Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. “Our brand of decompression therapy combined with deep tissue laser therapy is literally a life-changer, and is often much more effective than conventional therapies.”

Dr Mike Digrado has been in practice for two decades now, and is a highly respected and knowledgeable chiropractor specializing in severe pain relief through the aforementioned techniques that has proven successful for hundreds of Newport Beach residents.

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