Novel Antiviral Compound COVIMRO Demonstrates Effectiveness on Viruses Beyond Coronavirus Including Lentivirus/HIV

LONDON, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In September 2020 biotech start-up COVIMRO Ltd demonstrated the effectiveness of its food-grade compound, Covimro, against Coronavirus.

Now the same compound has been shown to be equally effective against other viruses as demonstrated in recent scientific studies. In March 2021, Covimro was tested for antiviral efficacy against Lentivirus / HIV with a Luciferase Assay.

“The results show a 3-log reduction in viral titre at all concentrations tested. This preliminary data warrants further investigation in to the Covimro effect,” said Dr. Senthil Chinnakannan, a molecular virologist at the University of Oxford. 

The structural stability and integrity of a virus are crucial in order for it to infect a target cell. Covimro breaches the structural integrity of the virus leading to its rapid inactivation.

The main challenge is that protein spikes naturally evolve and change over time, resulting in mutations that lead to new strains. This puts further pressure on vaccines as well as the requirement for booster doses in order to remain effective against a moving target. This is already evident with the evolution of new Covid strains continually emerging around the world and the growing reality that Covid is likely to remain with us for many years to come.

This is further compounded by the issue of inequal global vaccine distribution.

Wealthy nations have hoarded enough (covid) doses to vaccinate their entire population nearly three times over, leaving some 67 developing countries (such as Gambia) with only enough supplies to vaccinate one in ten of the population. Vaccine diplomacy clearly affects poorer nations significantly especially given the huge reliance on donations paired with the dearth of vaccination supplies as people continue die in the millions. I have a strong belief that Covimro products, whilst not an alternative to the vaccine, will be invaluable in helping to close the gap in the fight to control the pandemic” – Omay Sey, former Health Minister (Gambia), former Executive Board Member World Health Organisation

Covimro is currently in discussions with several international distribution partners for an upcoming launch of its consumer goods products.


UK-based start-up COVIMRO™ is a biotech company specialising in agnostic antiviral solutions. The multidisciplinary team draws from the latest advances in virology, oncology and RNA genetics.


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