OmicsEdge, a Leading Innovator in Genetic Research, Unveils Breakthrough Ancestry Deconvolution Method at ESHG

GLASGOW, Scotland, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OmicsEdge, a biotechnology company pioneering the future of genomic analysis, has proudly announced the presentation of their revolutionary new ancestry inference method at the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) meeting held in Glasgow, Scotland.

This cutting-edge methodology has undergone rigorous benchmarking against leading international methods, delivering an impressive 15% increase in accuracy. Ancestry deconvolution, the process by which individual genomes are dissected to ascertain the geographical origin, is instrumental in expanding our understanding of human genetic diversity and disease predispositions.

“We believe that we now have the world’s leading ancestry deconvolution method,” asserted Dr. Puya Yazdi, who spearheaded the innovative study. In recognition of its groundbreaking potential, OmicsEdge has filed for a provisional patent on this technology.

With this newfound precision in genetic ancestry inference, OmicsEdge is elevating the utility of polygenic risk scores – calculations that predict an individual’s likelihood of developing certain diseases based on their unique genetic profile. Importantly, OmicsEdge’s method shows promise for improving the accuracy of these scores in non-European populations, often underrepresented in genetic research. This achievement marks a significant step towards health equity.

The advent of this technology not only brings us closer to a future of truly personalized medicine, but it also demonstrates immense value for other businesses aiming to provide their customers with accurate ancestry information. OmicsEdge is currently extending the opportunity to other companies interested in leveraging this technology for their own genetic analysis needs.

The innovations brought forward by OmicsEdge have profound implications in precision medicine, a rapidly evolving field aiming to tailor treatment and prevention strategies to individuals based on their unique genetic makeup. Improved ancestry deconvolution methods contribute to a deeper, more nuanced understanding of genetic variations associated with disease risks across populations worldwide, paving the way toward truly global precision healthcare.

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