Oncore Harnesses PlanRadar Platform to Streamline Compliance Survey Process

Digital facilities management leader helps healthcare consultancy facilitate better hospital safety and patient outcomes

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PlanRadar, the leading digital construction, real estate, and facilities management platform provider, today announced its new partnership with Oncore, a globally recognized provider of public health and facility compliance expertise for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. By integrating PlanRadar’s comprehensive suite of digital management tools into its operations, Oncore is revolutionizing how hospitals prepare for regulatory surveys and track compliance issues to achieve the highest performance standards.

“We are incredibly excited to join forces with Oncore to elevate its ability to deliver expertise and assist hospitals in meeting complicated compliance requirements,” said Jeff Jensen, General Manager, PlanRadar Americas. “By streamlining the survey process and allowing for the prompt resolution of issues, Oncore and PlanRadar’s partnership is helping healthcare providers improve communication and collaboration, enhance survey readiness, and optimize safety and compliance efforts to ensure the very best levels of patient care are delivered.”

Through a bespoke audit and survey process, Oncore helps facilitate regulatory excellence for healthcare providers working hard to ensure compliance with a range of industry watchdogs, including The Joint Commission (TJC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). To optimize this service and improve compliance results, Oncore has adopted PlanRadar’s revolutionary ticket tracking system. This innovative solution allows Oncore to diligently follow the progress of surveys and speedily address any deficiencies that are flagged, resulting in the efficient resolution of concerns and optimized building safety.

In addition to ticket tracking, Oncore has also harnessed the power of PlanRadar’s document management tool to enrich its service offerings. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of healthcare regulations, Oncore understands the importance of providing ongoing educational resources to clients. With PlanRadar’s intuitive document management capabilities, Oncore can manage all survey compliance documentation in one place, as well as securely distribute critical resources, guidelines, and educational materials, enabling partners to stay well-informed about new regulations, standards, and best practices. This proactive approach empowers Oncore’s clients to stay ahead of the compliance curve while fostering a culture of continuous improvement within their healthcare units.

“PlanRadar’s digital platform has revolutionized our approach to surveying hospital facilities, helping us enhance compliance and efficiency by replacing the traditional pen and paper method with a speedy and easy-to-use solution,” said Robert Booth, Senior Healthcare Consultant. “The platform’s capabilities have simplified the entire survey process, offering significant benefits in issue identification, tracking, and resolution, allowing us to streamline compliance and maintenance from start to finish.”

“Through real-time updates and seamless communication, all parties involved are constantly informed, eliminating redundancies and alleviating the workload for our dedicated hospital facilities teams,” Booth added.

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PlanRadar is an award-winning, digital SaaS field management platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction and real estate projects. The platform operates across the globe, currently in over 65 markets. PlanRadar digitizes all daily processes and communication across real estate and construction. The platform connects all project stakeholders and provides real-time access to valuable project data, enabling teams to increase quality, cut costs and realize work faster. The easy-to-use platform adds value to every person involved in a building’s lifecycle, from contractors and engineers to property managers and owners, with flexible capabilities for all company sizes and processes. Today, over 120,000 professionals are using PlanRadar to track, connect and solve issues on-and off-site. PlanRadar is currently available in more than 20 languages, and can be used across all iOS, Windows and Android devices. Headquartered inVienna, Austria, PlanRadar has 18 offices across the globe.

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Oncore, Inc. is a healthcare consulting firm and small business that provides professional services in Public Health, Infection Prevention, Healthcare Compliance, Industrial Hygiene, and Risk Management throughout the United States and internationally. With decades of combined experience, Oncore’s expert staff offers tailored solutions to meet their clients’ Life Safety and accreditation needs and challenges. Their clients include hospitals, surgery centers, government agencies, and universities. Their mission is to promote and foster the health and wellness of the global community and champion high reliability healthcare organizations.

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