OncoSec R&D Facility and Lab Goes to Auction on Aug. 10

Online auction by Tiger Group and Liquidity Services features advanced biotech equipment used for cancer-fighting immunotherapy research in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — By order of a U.S. bankruptcy court, Tiger Group and Liquidity Services on Aug. 10 will auction OncoSec Medical Inc.’s former immunotherapy laboratory and R&D facility in San Diego.

The biotechnology company, which focused on developing intertumoral immunotherapies to target cancer cells by stimulating patients’ immune systems, filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware this past June.

Lots in the timed, online auction for OncoSec begin to close on Thursday, August 10, at 10:25 a.m. (PT). Bidding is underway at SoldTiger.com and Liquidity Services’ AllSurplus.com marketplace.

In the fight against cancer, OncoSec earned national attention for its proprietary TAVO™ electroporation platform. The company’s immunotherapy research, carried out at its R&D facility in San Diego, required an extensive amount of cutting-edge and general lab equipment.

“All told, online bidders will find 148 lots of clean, well-maintained biopharma assets in the online auction,” noted John Coelho, Senior Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial. “It’s a rare opportunity for operators in this fast-moving and highly competitive space.”

The assets include:

  • microscopes, cell profilers, incubators, and thermomixers
  • safety cabinets, refrigerators, ultra-low-temperature freezers and benchtop centrifuges
  • autoclaves, cell-imaging systems, cell profilers and advanced molecular imagers
  • thermal cyclers, and cryogenic and/or nitrogen tank and storage systems
  • digital dry-bath block heaters, oscilloscopes, force testers, electroporators and generators,
  • and much more.

“Extremely well-respected brands are represented in this sale, including the likes of Nexcelom Bioscience, Zeiss, Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, Protein Simple, Tuttnauer, and NanoString Technologies,” added Nick Jimenez, Vice President of Global Business Development, Liquidity Services.

Highlights include

  • BioRad CFX96 qPCR (2)
  • Eppendorf microfuge 5424R (refrigerated) (8)
  • SII Lago in vivo imaging device
  • Stacked MaxQ 8000 orbital bacterial shakers (2)
  • NanoString MAX system
  • BD Fortessa X-20 flow cytometer
  • Tuttnauer autoclave

General lab equipment includes hot plates, stirrers, shakers, pipettes and pipette aids, glass and plasticware, along with laboratory consumables and wire racking.

The auction features a total of 47 lots of office furniture, IT equipment and miscellaneous support equipment. Office assets include caster lab stools and chairs, stainless-steel tables, cabinets, shelving, work tables, breakroom appliances, wooden chairs and office chairs.

“With respect to IT and electronics, there are computers, monitors, TVs, printers—including a 3D printer—and a server rack, among other items,” Coehlo noted. “Bidders also will find general tools like drill presses that are in great condition.”

On-site inspections are available on Wednesday, August 9, by appointment only. To arrange an inspection or obtain other information, email:
or call (805) 497-4999.

For asset photos, descriptions, and other information, visit:



In addition, Sherwood Partners, Inc., has been retained to offer OncoSec’s intellectual property assets for sale. “OncoSec has dedicated years of expertise to develop innovations with the potential to reshape cancer treatment and diagnostics,” noted Molly Froschauer, Senior Vice President, Sherwood Partners. “The patents, proprietary technologies and research data in this portfolio are a tremendous opportunity for a wide array of medical research and biotech companies.”

For more information, call (310) 295-1530 or email

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