Forms Coalition to Address Loneliness in Seniors Ahead of the Holiday Season

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, an innovative video chat and social engagement platform tailored to seniors, today announced the launch of The Loneliness Awareness Month Coalition, composed of six leading community-building organizations, to address the worsening loneliness epidemic among senior citizens.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed an extraordinary toll on older adults, who are at the greatest risk of infection from close contact with people who have COVID-19, including family members. For this reason, many senior citizens have remained in isolation and are experiencing worsening social isolation, which puts them at risk for dementia and other serious medical conditions.

To address social isolation issues among older adults, is partnering with Music for Seniors, the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, Western Home, Grout Museum, The Eleni Group, and SeniorNet to launch a month of engaging online activities for seniors to reconnect with old friends and discover new ones. Activities range from live museum tours to intergenerational mixers, and anyone can join from their computer or mobile device.

“What started out, years ago, as a concept to bring seniors together through a video platform so they can share stories, hobbies, laughter—even meals together—has now been thrust into the limelight as a way for seniors to stay connected during the global pandemic,” said CEO Dillon Myers. “Seniors were already battling loneliness issues before COVID-19. This pandemic has made the situation much worse for them, and that’s why our company has been laser-focused on designing a platform that is designed around the needs of seniors and their comfort with technology.” is a web-based video chat platform known for its ease of use. Because the platform lives entirely online, it eliminates the need to download extra software, or sign in to an application. The streamlined process only asks that users click on a single link, and they are instantly transported into a chat room of their family, friends or other users that share their interests.

The Loneliness Awareness Month Coalition comprises:

  • Music for Seniors, a nonprofit connecting area musicians with older adults, which will host group sing-alongs and story sharing across genres of music like Broadway, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, and even Drum Circles.
  • The University of Connecticut School of Social Work, which is hosting an intergenerational mixer that will bring together and facilitate conversations between seniors and social work students in the bachelor’s and master’s programs.
  • Western Home, a charitable organization that creates fulfilling lifestyles for those they serve, which will host several health and wellness events including meditation, memory exercises and a demonstration of how to make energy bite snacks.
  • Grout Museum, a history and science museum located in Waterloo, Iowa, will be offering live museum tours and World War 2 discussions.
  • The Eleni Group will feature world-famous motivational speaker Eleni Kelakos, who will be leading storytelling events about family memories, life lessons and proud life moments.
  • SeniorNet, a nonprofit organization specializing in computer and internet education for adults 55 and over, will be hosting various discussions about technology, including how to use social media to connect with family and friends.

“Music for Seniors is delighted to partner with for Loneliness Awareness Month,” Music for Seniors Founder and Executive Director Sarah Martin McConnell said. “Together we’ll offer participants opportunities to connect with one another through music – via shared, interactive live music experiences in real time and lively conversations about those experiences. No mask required!”

For a full list of events taking place in October, please visit:


Founded in 2016, is a web-based video chat platform, based in Philadelphia. A cross generational team, founders Dillon Myers and Alan Gibson, worked to design a platform that made it easy for anyone, especially older adults, to join and participate in video-based meetings and events. does not require users to download any software or use logins, allowing users to access chat rooms with a simple and shareable URL.

About Music for Seniors

Music for Seniors is a 501(c)3 arts nonprofit headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee connecting area musicians with older adults through live and interactive music programs designed to engage, entertain and educate seniors – promoting health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and enriching the lives of all participants, musicians and seniors alike.  We believe that arts organizations are obligated to provide vibrant, affordable and accessible programming for all of us, including to meet the special needs of older adults. Our mission mandates this.

About The University of Connecticut School of Social Work

The University of Connecticut is a national leader among public research universities, and U.S. News & World Report ranks the UConn School of Social Work among the top 15 percent in the nation for 2019. A 70-year tradition of educating and serving diverse populations fosters an inclusive and vibrant culture that meets the needs of a dynamic global society. A recent initiative led by Dr. Rupal Parekh and Dr. Brenda Kurz virtually connects students with isolated seniors in the Hartford, Conn., area.

About Western Home

Western Home Communities is a charitable Christian service organization that assertively creates fulfilling lifestyles for those they serve, their families and employees. The mission, vision and values of Western Home Communities provide daily guidance for decision making, whether creating strategic vision for the future or responding to a resident’s request. Western Home Communities is proud to be a member of LeadingAge and the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living.  

About Grout Museum

The mission of the Grout Museum District is to provide a better understanding of our world by collecting, preserving and interpreting history and illustrating scientific principles. The Grout Museum collects, preserves and interprets cultural and natural history of the region; the Rensselaer Russell House Museum and the Snowden House preserve and interpret elements of the Victorian age; the Bluedorn Science Imaginarium provides exhibitions and programming that inspire the study of the sciences.

About The Eleni Group

The Eleni Group has been in operation since 2003. Eleni Kelakos has coached hundreds of individuals from CEOs of large corporations to solo-preneurs, spoken to countless groups and associations, written several books, and generally carved out a niche as not only a presence and presentation expert, but as a passionate advocate for the development of human potential.

About SeniorNet

SeniorNet is the nation’s premier and most respected nonprofit organization specializing in computer and internet education for adults 55 and over and those in need. SeniorNet’s mission is to provide older adults education on computer technologies, enhancing their lives and enabling them to share their knowledge and wisdom. In addition to providing education to older adults, SeniorNet furnishes computer skill/education to veterans, the underserved, disabled, and those with impairments.

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