PH&S Law Enforcement Coalition Forms to Inform and Engage in State and Federal Cannabis Policy

Response to Policymakers Request to Hear from Law Enforcement on Cannabis

DENVER, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Policy Center for Public Health & Safety (PH&S) is announcing the formation of a law enforcement coalition designed to serve as a liaison and sounding board to state and federal policymakers on cannabis reform policy.  

The coalition will include a range of law enforcement experts and leaders from across the US including rank-and-file law personnel. The timing of the coalition coincides with 2023 cannabis priorities being set in Washington, DC and lawmakers introducing cannabis legislation.

On Thursday, the Senate Banking Committee will take up the SAFE Banking Act in a hearing titled, “Examining Cannabis Banking Challenges of Small Businesses and Workers.” The bill is a key priority for the cannabis industry as it would allow banks to serve cannabis companies without fear of federal retribution. The US House has passed the SAFE Act seven times, but it has yet to pass in the Senate.

A point of discord in previous SAFE negotiations has been the lack of voice and perspective from the law enforcement community; PH&S’ law enforcement coalition is a direct response to federal lawmakers as it aims to break down that divide.

The organization is appointing Ben Kimbro to direct and oversee this law enforcement coalition. Kimbro brings decades of experience in training, consulting, and equipping professional law enforcement agencies on six continents while also bringing a background in interfacing with the cannabis industry and law enforcement.

“The objective of this initiative is to better understand law enforcement perspectives as they relate to cannabis and public safety issues. A meaningful dialogue should lead to forward-thinking actions, which support the concerns of law enforcement and provide further clarity around matters of public policy in dealing with legalization of cannabis issues,” said Kimbro.

PH&S also brings an established track record in working with US Attorneys General in advancing the rule of law and public safety. With this new coalition, PH&S will also facilitate dialogue between state Attorneys General.

Through respectful & meaningful dialogue, initiatives such as this stand to bridge the gaps surrounding legitimate law enforcement issues in cannabis policy like safe banking,” said Karen White, Executive Director of AGA.

PH&S’ law enforcement coalition will take a multi-faceted approach in including municipal, county, state, and federal local law enforcement perspectives.

ABOUT PH&S: PH&S is a 501(c)(4) company addressing the challenges facing law enforcement, regulators, cannabis investors & operators as well as financial institutions. The PH&S is a 501c4 and has an affiliate entity, the PH&S Foundation which is a 501c3.

About Attorneys General Alliance: The AG Alliance initiates meetings, panels and discussions and serves as a host forum for bipartisan cooperation in the Attorney General community.

Monica McCafferty

SOURCE Policy Center for Public Health and Safety