Pollie is Redefining Personalized Care for Complex Female Health Issues and Announces Expansion of Services

The Pollie app, initially designed to provide personalized care plans for women with polycystic ovary syndrome, is now expanding to help members manage other complex female conditions with its effective approach.

DENVER, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pollie, a digital health company providing personalized care for female health issues, today announced its expansion to serve all women with chronic hormone, autoimmune, metabolic and gastrointestinal conditions.

Pollie launched its mobile app in summer of 2022 to serve women of reproductive age suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common hormonal condition that impacts roughly 10% of the female population. Since then, they have helped thousands of users learn how to manage their PCOS through personalized care plans and evidence-based lifestyle interventions, with over 80% of paying members reporting an improvement in symptoms within two months or less.

“We see a high number of our members with co-morbidities that often present with PCOS, such as endometriosis, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, infertility, insulin resistance and diabetes,” said co-founder and CEO Jane Sagui. “Over time, we found that our approach wasn’t just improving members’ PCOS, but also having a remarkable positive impact on their metabolic health, thyroid health and overall health.”

Pollie’s data-driven approach involves a team of providers including OBGYNs, functional medicine practitioners, health coaches and registered dietitians to identify the root cause of each member’s unique symptom triggers and provide personalized interventions. The Pollie app provides members with comprehensive services including lab work, health and nutrition coaching through unlimited messaging and 1:1 virtual sessions, holistic treatment plans, symptom tracking tools, small-group coaching with other Pollie members, and a library of educational resources.

Sabrina Mason, Pollie’s co-founder and COO, explained that prospective members have been asking if Pollie would expand to cover other chronic female-related conditions that often receive inadequate or incomplete treatment. She said, “The gaps in the patient experience for these complex health issues are the same across the board – patients are dismissed, sent to multiple specialists, often treated with a prescription (that may or may not work), and leave with no support in-between visits. We want to be the continuous care platform patients need outside the doctor’s office.” 

The pair, who met over a decade ago while on a study abroad trip in college, are excited to tackle these additional markets and apply what they have learned for managing and even reversing PCOS symptoms to other complex female health issues.

With the expansion, Pollie is also lowering the price of its flagship Program membership from $89.99/month to $65.99/month. Members will now receive bi-monthly dietitian and health coaching visits through the app, and can book more visits at an additional fee. Accessibility is a critical part of Pollie’s mission and as the company scales, it will continue to make its out-of-pocket memberships more affordable.

About Pollie:
Pollie is a digital health company that provides personalized, evidence-based care for complex female health issues. 30% of the female population has a chronic hormone, autoimmune, metabolic, or gut disorder and yet conventional healthcare is failing patients, resulting in billions of dollars of spend per year and low quality of life for millions of people. Pollie’s approach leverages advanced lab testing, expert nutrition and lifestyle coaching, education and targeted supplements to help people manage their symptoms in a more individual and sustainable way. Learn more at pollie.co.

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Laura Orland, Hi-Lo Agency