Practice Reset Online Workshop for Physicians: 6 Weeks to a More Ideal Practice

SEATTLE, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Doctors will learn how to get home sooner, build life balance and create a more Ideal Practice with the trainings and coaching support of the Practice Reset Online Workshop. Dike Drummond MD, CEO of will launch this six-week group coaching program for physicians – on August 14th at 5PM Pacific Time.

The workshop is based on making rapid positive change in the participant’s quality of life, at work and at home. Attendance is limited to only 20 physicians. Up to 46 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits are available.

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Practice Reset Online Workshop for Physicians
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A 63% physician burnout rate in the latest survey is the highest ever measured in a national study. Stress is everywhere. Short staffing, an aging population, falling margins mean everyone is working harder with fewer hands on deck. Doctors need new tools and targeted support to adapt to these new stressors and remain healthy and happy going forward.

The Practice Reset Online Workshop was created from Dr. Drummond’s 12 year, 40,000 doctor experience training and coaching burned out physicians back to personal and practice wellness.

Over the course of six weeks, participants meet for two hours a week for training and coaching on the ZOOM platform. Registration also provides lifetime access to the Burnout Proof Online Video Training Library with its comprehensive catalog of burnout prevention tools.

The workshop is focused on rapid, positive change for all participants using this simple, 4-step process.

1. Learn a new tool in today’s coaching session
2. Put your new skills to use this week, between coaching calls
3. Debrief your results in the coaching session next week
4. Use that feedback to tweak it just right for you
 and Repeat …

The workshop teaches specific tools from Dr. Drummond’s practice to:

  • Recognize and prevent physician burnout
  • Build a more ideal practice and take back control of your career
  • Build more satisfaction and purpose into your work
  • Get home sooner and add more balance to your life
  • Become the eye of the storm in their practice day – calm, centered and focused no matter what
  • Even how to manage your boss

Learn More and Enroll in the
Practice Reset Online Workshop for Physicians
At This Link:

About Dike Drummond MD and

Since 2011, [] has been the premier source of coaching, training and consulting to prevent physician burnout. CEO, Dike Drummond MD [] has trained over 40,000 doctors in 175 organizations to recognize and prevent burnout in themselves and others. A core component of recovery from burnout for each physician is a reset to a more ideal practice. Dr. Drummond’s extensive burnout coaching experience is the foundation for the design and delivery of the Practice Reset Online Workshop.


Recovery from burnout is an act of survival and a personal and professional rebirth. Within the chaos, each doctor has an opportunity to build a more Ideal Practice even here in the wake of COVID-19. The alternative is surrendering your autonomy to your employer and adhere only to their job description. The Practice Reset Online Workshop for physicians provides the skills and support to build a healthier practice for the long run and get started immediately. The next workshop begins August 14th.

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