PRISM and Lion Management form PRISM Concierge

NEW YORK, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PRISM Consulting Partners, a Florida based healthcare private practice acquisition advisory and consulting company, and Lion Management Services Organization of New York, have partnered to form PRISM Concierge.

PRISM Consulting Partners was formed in 2023 by founders Michael Guelcher, David Molle, and Brian Whitman. The three partners have over 60 years combined experience in acquisitions, transitioning practices, and healthcare business development.

Lion Management was founded in 2021 by James Vena, a Wall Street veteran with 35 years of value creation and capital investment experience. Lion Management implements and manages strategic solutions for private healthcare practices.

The newly formed PRISM Concierge aims to be a full-service provider to private healthcare practitioners looking for options ranging from maximizing profit to ultimately transitioning to their desired outcome. The client receives management of back-office services tailored to achieve that outcome.

“PRISM Concierge offers the mechanisms and resources to achieve a higher level of freedom,” states Michael Guelcher, PRISM Partner. “Change readiness encompasses discipline now, for more freedom and greater rewards later.”

David Molle goes on to state, “We’re filling a void in the healthcare market by bringing together shared resources and services that will ultimately improve a practice’s bottom line, while freeing up time to allow for better patient care. Essentially, we’re doing the things Drs. don’t get paid to do. From shared billing and credentialling, to consultants, attorneys, IT, HR, and a complete group purchasing organization to name a few, your “concierge” can help with most aspects of your business as a single point of contact.”

James Vena, CEO, Lion Management is enthused about the impact PRISM Concierge can have in the marketplace. “Our recent success of organizing a group of 20 practices in a short window and making them the 35th largest eyecare practice in just two years translates well. We are embarking on something that has never been done before, and there is considerable demand for these services.”

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